Monday, April 30, 2012

Paneer Vegetable Jalfrezi

Chicken Jalfrezi – had been one of my restaurant favourites, so after meeting The Foodie I obviously gave the vegetarian version a try. And the outcome seemed easy to prepare home. So when I had my family visiting me I gave this recipe a try. And all loved it and hence its here :)


Chopping and finely cutting the vegetables is one of the major task for this restaurant special dish. And I love chopping the veggies – a bit Chinese style. So overall if the veggies are cut, the whole process of preparing is quite simpler.


You Need:

  • Jalfrezi vegetables like : French beans + Carrots + Capsicum (Green +Red) + Onion  : Chopped in a typical Chinese style : Say 2 cups
  • Paneer : Sliced in long slender manner : 2 cups
  • Tomatoes : 1 large finely chopped
  • Tomato Ketchup : 2 tbsp
  • Green chillies + Ginger + garlic paste [3g paste]: 3-4 tbsp
  • Salt to taste
  • Oil : Enough for sautéing
  • Coriander Leaves for garnishing


Masalas all about 1-2 tsp :

  • Coriander powder
  • Red Chilli powder
  • Turmeric
  • Cumin Powder
  • Dry Mango powder : 1 tsp
  • Garam Masala: 1 tsp

Tempering stuffs ½ tsp each


You Do:

  1. Heat Oil in a kadai, later all the tempering stuffs.
  2. Once the spluttering is done, follow with 3g paste, Onion and French beans.
  3. Follow with capsicum and carrots and later with tomatoes.
  4. Let it cook, Add all the dry masalas and sauté for couple of minutes. Add Salt.
  5. Follow with paneer and ketchup. Now cover and cook.
  6. Do not overcook as the vegetables and paneer should not get mushy.
  7. Once done, garnish with coriander leaves.


Done ! Serve with hot Rotis or Parathas. It’s a perfect restaurant style serving for your family.

Happy Cooking and Posting about it :)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dosa Omelette

Do you know, there are more than 30 Dosas mentioned in Wikipedia. So if we plan to prepare Dosas in our daily breakfast, still we wont repeat them through out the month. For that matter even my Mom used to prepare varied types of Dosas, but me being so lazy always avoid the grinding morning duty and prefer the store brought dosa batter. But this restricted our dosa breakfast to the typical sadha\masala dosa only.


So over the weekend I tried an experiment with Plain Dosa topped with omelette, and we loved it :) It was not a planned blog recipe, so please bear with the snaps – these are of the last pending Dosa Omelette ;)


If you know how to circle the batter to make a decent dosa, then you need not do anything extra. Just circle the griddle to make fine dosa then top with with beaten egg and garnish with some grated cheese.


You will have a nice fusion breakfast. Have with ketchup or chutney.


Happy Cooking and Posting about it :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Spaghetti Bolognese topped with Egg

I hardly knew the difference between Spaghetti and Noodles, until I started preparing these @ home. Except one belong to Italy and other to China, Noodles are thinner than Spaghetti.
And one more important difference is spaghetti is normally prepared with wheat flour while Noodles can be any- Flour ,Rice flour etc.

So when I prepared spaghetti over the weekend, I served it with Bolognese Sauce. What I loved the most was styling the end dish, with spaghetti in a cylindrical shape topped with the sauce and Blind Folded Eggs.
So when we were having this, I thought this can be easily prepared for a group of 10 + hungry souls.  As the major ingredients are easy to prepare and once you serve it this way, it can easily go as a party dish.

Cooking Spaghetti is quite simple, follow the instructions present with the package. Normally boil water, vessel should be tall enough to accommodate the spaghetti length, I prefer full ones without breaking them. Add some salt and olive oil while cooking. Drain the water when spaghetti is enough cooked without overcooking them.

You can stir fry these or mix with a sauce of your choice or serve topped with chunky sauce. Garnished with some oregano, pepper and chilli flakes. Serve it in such a manner that sauce remains in the centre pit of the cylindrical spaghetti. Top it with a blind folded egg or soft boiled egg.

My Bolognese sauce was quite spicy and juicy, to make the spaghetti tasty and delicious. This experiment or try was totally worth it :)

Happy Cooking and Posting about it :)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Blind Folded Eggs

Give me two options – A or B , I will say A B A B A B ..A..B it might go on for a while. Yups, I’m a bit indecisive girl 8-|


Especially about small things like – what I’ll wear for function or what I want for breakfast, if I have two options like either half fry or half poached Eggs – I go for Blindfolded Eggs. ;;)


This dish is best of both of both dishes. Half fried from bottom and poached at the top.


  1. Heat some butter on half fry pan, split an egg for half fry.
  2. Drop couple of ice cubes around it and cover it.
  3. While doing so, add salt and pepper.Hence the Half fry is steamed from top.


The white of egg covers the yolk and hence blinds it to christen it as – Blind Folded Eggs. 


Have it with toast or JLT. You can also use this as a topping over spaghetti or American choupsey.


Happy Cooking and Posting about it :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Vegetarian Bolognese Sauce

Italian cuisine, is soon becoming an integral part of Indian Food fraternity. First came the Pizza and now the Pasta. So when I started preparing Pasta dishes @ home, I tried and tasted number of recipes. Searched whole lot of sauces, got number of options , while doing so I stumbled upon a too delectable snap here on flickr. The snap was so addictive, I immediately searched about Bolognese Sauce and tried to create my version of this. IMG_0329

As I have never tried this @ any restaurant yet, so I’ve very little idea if this can go as an authentic recipe, but we tasted what I prepared and we loved it. The sauce can be prepared beforehand and refrigerated to use later.

You Need:


  • Mushrooms : Sliced – about 1 cup
  • Onion : finely chopped – 1medium
  • Tomatoes : finely chopped or can be easily replaced with puree – about 2-3 Large
  • Capsicum : finely chopped : Green and Yellow – ½ each
  • Carrots : finely chopped : 1-2 small
  • Red Chilli powder : 2-3 tsp <Spicier the better>
  • Bay Leaf : 1
  • Garlic Cloves : 2 medium – crushed
  • Sugar : 1-2 tbsp
  • Milk : ½ cup
  • Vegetable Stock : 1-1/2 cup (optional) or Water
  • Olive Oil – enough to sauté onion
  • Salt and Pepper : to taste

You DO:


  1. Heat Olive Oil and follow with bay leaf , garlic and onions. Sauté till light pink.
  2. Follow with Capsicum, Carrots and Mushrooms. Sauté till half cooked.
  3. Follow with red chilli powder, salt and pepper. Add Tomatoes and let it simmer for 5 minutes or so.
  4. Mash with a masher to make a mashed sauce. Cook covered for about 10-15 minutes till all is well cooked.
  5. You can add the vegetable stock or can replace with ½ cup water.
  6. Follow with milk, mash again if required to make a juicy sauce. Do not overdo it as it should not be paste but a lumpy sauce.


This Sauce can be easily used with a sandwich or with Mashed Potatoes. But goes best with Spaghetti, widely known dish – Spaghetti with Bolognese ~~ Coming Soon :)


Happy Cooking and Posting about it :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mushroom Egg Toast Sandwich


Stuffed Sandwich has been my favourite, you can realize that by checking my Egg Salad Toast or the Finisher Sandwich or Bombay Toast Sandwich.


So whenever I prepare some Egg breakfast, I do try to company that with some other stuffing and make a complete Stuffed Sandwich.


So when I prepared Scrambled Eggs last time, I had my Chilli Mushroom leftover. So PING – clicked the idea of Mushroom + Scrambled Eggs Stuffed Sandwich.


Layered a slice Bread with some butter and mayonnaise. Then with the mushroom chilli and later with the scrambled eggs.  Some coarsely chopped onion and tomatoes or any veggies that you like can go here. And finally some coriander leaves and healthy amount of cheese :D


Toast it with you toaster or stove top one, both taste equally good. Toasting is nothing but a type of grill, so you can always grill it the way you want.


I love such breakfasts, which is tasty and yet you can finish of any leftover with it :D


Monday, April 09, 2012

Gatta Curry-Gravy : Sanjeev Kapoor style

Do you know what your neighbours eat ? No right ?

Same is my case when I get to know new dishes from my neighbouring state – MP, thanks to The Foodie’s roots. One such dish is – Gatta. I had never heard this such thing ever existed before meeting The Foodie. During our courtship days, we had been to some authentic Rajasthani cuisine restaurant and ordered Dal Bafle with Gatta and Churma. There will be a long post on what these greek-Latin words mean, today we will concentrate on – Gatta.


Gatta is a besan dumpling, cooked in a boiling water or steamed and then later used in a curry as a main ingredient. My MIL had prepared this once and it did go well with a curry, so I tried this recipe with help of Sanjeev Kapoors cookbook.

You Do : (Based on Sanjeev Kapoor’s Gatta Curry from Tasty Eating for Healthy Living)



  1. Mix around 2 and half cups of gram flour with 3 tbsp of curd. Add 1/2 tsp of cumin seeds , red chilli powder and turmeric with a pinch of salt and soda bicarbonate.
  2. Add sufficient sufficient water to make a stiff dough, thicker than the puris. Now roll this to make cylindrical tubes. Cook this in enough boiling water till it is firmly cooked <do not overdo this as dumplings might turn mushy>.
  3. Now drain the water, and cut these into small say an inch pieces. You can keep the drained water for curry.


  1. Make a smooth paste of about 2 onions and 1/2 inch ginger. Sauté this paste in a kadai over a heated oil.
  2. Also make a smooth paste of whisked 1 cup curd and add 1 tsp chilli, coriander and turmeric powder. Once the onion paste turns pink follow with this whisked paste. Sauté till oil leaves the mix.
  3. Now add the gattas prepared above, along with the drained water. Cook for about 10 minutes. Follow with 1tsp of garam masala and salt.


Done ! Garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot with chapatis or rotis.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Meet Sanjeev Kapoor : Cooking with Love

Socializing through Facebook had become a fashion, and so how can Kitchen Gossip be left out. We have our own page @ Facebook for some time now – so if you are not getting the gossips through Facebook you can like it now:

Through this page I’ve been connecting with many culinary artists – cooks –chefs – celebrities. And thanks to this,  last Month, on Feb 17th I got an honourable opportunity to attend Sanjeev Kapoor’s inauguration of his cookbook – “Cooking with Love - Vegetarian Recipes from My Mothers’ Kitchen ”.
This book is dedication from the celebrity chef to his Mother and Mother-in-Law. It was an elite function at Westin – Pune and was well attended by some wonderful guests.
IMG_0278 It was nice meeting the inspirations of the person who himself is one of the culinary inspiration. He obviously spoke about food , his experience , his style of cooking and what made him write this lovely book. Which by the way  I own a copy – Signed by the celebrity chef himself :)

He also showed some of his recipes from the book, along with his Mothers. Even the Jeera tadka aroma was enough for us to imagine how the end products could be. So I promise to prepare some of the recipes from the book and post here soon.
So keep checking and getting kitchen gossips through FB too.

Monday, April 02, 2012

Veg Hakka Noodles

Long Time back, I said I prepare Indian Chinese Often, and how often is that really ? Cos I just have say 2 3 recipes at this space. Anyways to break my silence on the Indian Chinese scene here is the most commonly made Noodles by me. One of my all-time favourites, and I can humbly say it does come out good.
You Need:
You Do:
  1. Boil Noodles in enough water, till half cooked.
  2. Drain the water from the noodles in colander and sprinkle cold water to space them out.
  3. In enough oil in a wok, Sauté all vegetables till half cooked. Add salt , pepper and all sauces.
  4. Cook for 1 minute. Add the half cooked noodles.
  5. Stir fry till vegetables, sauces and noodles gel properly.
  6. Let the noodles cook appropriately.

Serve hot and have nice Chinese Day :)
Happy Cooking and Posting about it :D
P.S. : This is my 150th Post, Thanks for being there :)

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