Monday, April 09, 2012

Gatta Curry-Gravy : Sanjeev Kapoor style

Do you know what your neighbours eat ? No right ?

Same is my case when I get to know new dishes from my neighbouring state – MP, thanks to The Foodie’s roots. One such dish is – Gatta. I had never heard this such thing ever existed before meeting The Foodie. During our courtship days, we had been to some authentic Rajasthani cuisine restaurant and ordered Dal Bafle with Gatta and Churma. There will be a long post on what these greek-Latin words mean, today we will concentrate on – Gatta.


Gatta is a besan dumpling, cooked in a boiling water or steamed and then later used in a curry as a main ingredient. My MIL had prepared this once and it did go well with a curry, so I tried this recipe with help of Sanjeev Kapoors cookbook.

You Do : (Based on Sanjeev Kapoor’s Gatta Curry from Tasty Eating for Healthy Living)



  1. Mix around 2 and half cups of gram flour with 3 tbsp of curd. Add 1/2 tsp of cumin seeds , red chilli powder and turmeric with a pinch of salt and soda bicarbonate.
  2. Add sufficient sufficient water to make a stiff dough, thicker than the puris. Now roll this to make cylindrical tubes. Cook this in enough boiling water till it is firmly cooked <do not overdo this as dumplings might turn mushy>.
  3. Now drain the water, and cut these into small say an inch pieces. You can keep the drained water for curry.


  1. Make a smooth paste of about 2 onions and 1/2 inch ginger. Sauté this paste in a kadai over a heated oil.
  2. Also make a smooth paste of whisked 1 cup curd and add 1 tsp chilli, coriander and turmeric powder. Once the onion paste turns pink follow with this whisked paste. Sauté till oil leaves the mix.
  3. Now add the gattas prepared above, along with the drained water. Cook for about 10 minutes. Follow with 1tsp of garam masala and salt.


Done ! Garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot with chapatis or rotis.


  1. I love this sabzi, specially the raw boiled part. It tastes yummy.

    Your hubby will be happy as you are cooking Rajsthani dishes as well :)

  2. Gatta curry is my favourite dish..

  3. Gatta curry looks fabulous..


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