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Thanks a ton for wishes… with one draft of Thalipeeth for Fasts

First and Foremost, Thanks a TON , For all the Birthday Wishes!! Love you all :)

And most importantly Special Thank You  to my dear friend Rohini, for a Special Birthday Wish on her blog! You are such a sweetheart dear, that was the most special gift for my birthday, and I will always cherish it. (May be after 30 years when I go through my blog and remember my lovely blogger friend wishing me in her post – I would become so nostalgic then– Thank you so much!!)

About my birthday celebration, =(( , I am down with high temperature mostly due to hectic last week and very cold weather here. So birthday went off by visiting doctor, sleeping, sympathizing myself ;), and taking off from work and so getting time for posting this :D yay !!

Couple of months back when I started with food blogging I used to click snaps of every other dish that I used to prepare, so this was one of those long time lying draft…Here it goes….

Most of this generation doesn’t observe Fasts, but I do.


It so happened that whenever Mom used to keep the Sankashtis fast she used to prepare whole lot of Fast Food (yeah, what can be the other word for this!?) and we used to get small chunk of it as Snack or something. I used to be BIG time “J” on Mom for getting to eat much more quantity...hence the tradition of fasting for me, Not to please the GOD but to please my dear tummy!

Mom used to pack a HUGE Dabba for me with Khichdi, Thalipeeth, Fruits, banana chips, Loads of Milk Sweets, on and on and yet she would call up on regular basis within every half an hour asking  “Bhook lagli tar juice vagere ghe..” (If hungry do have juice…),

“Me not Bakasur(!!!), Momma….All this is double of what I have daily (!)” 8-|

Anyways, Gone are those days with HUGE Dabbas, but yeah I still get these calls half hourly asking status of my hunger on Sankashti.

Now the HUGE Dabbas have been replaced with Single Dabba and I try to make single but different Fast dishes every month.

One of my favorite dish is Thalipeeth. Mom used to make different types of “Fast Thalipeeths” – Sabudana (Sago) Thalipeeth, Batatyacha Thalipeeth (Grated Potato), Ratalyacha (Sweet Potato) Thalipeeth etc.(For Non Maharashtrians :  Its a multigrain savory pancake traditionally prepared using wet hands to pat the multigrain dough into a pancake, there are couple of videos online where they have shown systematically how it is done.)

I had found this Sago Flour at one of the store, so tried this out, it tastes the same as Sago Thalipeeth just it’s a bit softer version and not crispier like the other one.

Following measurements prepared 4-6 small Thalipeeths.

You Need:

  • Potatoes: About 2-3 medium, peeled and grated (Few people also use boiled ones, but I prefer not boiled they become crispier)
  • Sago flour: 1 to 1 ½ cup
  • Green chilies: 2 Finely chopped
  • Coriander Leaves: Finely chopped
  • Peanut Powder: About 4-5 tbsp more if you like it (I normally roast the peanuts at home and crush them in mixer and store it for various dishes)
  • Salt to taste
  • Tup (Ghee) or Oil to shallow fry

You Do:

  1. Mix everything mentioned above except Oil.  IMG_2089 Knead everything to make soft dough; do not add water the potato gives out enough water for kneading. IMG_2090

(Now, the process of explaining the preparation of thalipeeth is a bit tough, will try from my end. Here it goes)

  1. Head the griddle and spread oil as required.
  2. Use a bowl of water to wet your hands frequently, so with wet hands take a big ball of dough and spread it on the Tava as thinly as possible – Moms way to prepare – Its also the traditional way.(Yeah spread on Heated griddle- difficult right ?, try my version – I take plastic of a shape more than the pancake shape I wanna prepare, Apply little water on it so that pancake don’t stick to it, Then with wet hands prepare the required pancake on the plastic, make it as thin as possible. Then make the plastic upside down and put the thalipeeth on tava). IMG_2091
  3. Make a few holes and put some ghee/oil in the holes and also around the thalipeeth. IMG_2093
  4. Flip over when the base is light brown and cook other side.

Done !! Traditionally its served with  Loni – Makkhan – Homemade Butter. Else it tastes equally great with curd. IMG_2096How can I… I had forgot this final snap of dish in my post.. so sorry :( (its not me its my fever..sympathizing when sick ;))

Fasting or No Fasting, this is one of the most common Light Meal at our place, not at all heavy yet filling :)

Sending this to EC for her WYF:Light Meal event.Thanks Suchi, for these wonderful monthly events.

Birthday Gifts to Personal Tadka :)


My Awesome blogger friend Rohini shared this lovely award with me.

Thank you dear for one more birthday gift :)

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Enjoy Awards..<:-P Once again thank you for sharing with me .. Happy Cooking and posting :)


  1. Hi kanchan...hope ur feeling much better now..get well soon..and thalipeeth looks very deliicous..should try this soon...and congraz on all ur awards....

  2. Hi dear, hope you are feeling better now...thank you so much for all the awards you have passed on to me...I am truly honored....I am on a break...will start blogging in a couple of weeks...take care dear :)

  3. Happy Birthday Kanchan!
    Fast food?..LOL.The thalipeeth looks nice and crisp .And thanks for the awards.:D

  4. hi kanchan...thalipeeth looks delicious...congratulations on your awards..and get well soon !!!

  5. No credits to the girl who fed you your first thalipeeth when away from home. Bwaah! In spite of constant criticism that too!

  6. great recipe. I have never made this. Sorry abt u having fever. Do take care of ur self dear!Congrats on ur awards kanchan!

  7. Wish you belated Happy Birthday!!
    Hope you are feeling better now and do take care of your self.

    I just love this thalipeeth. you made me crave it...I miss my mom's thalipeeth.

  8. Thanks for sharing the award with me dear. You made my morning.

    I actually came here to thank you and your thalipeeth made me mad ;)

  9. looking delicious........take care of ur health.

  10. Take care.. belated happy birthday -Naina

  11. New and looks delicious too. B'day wishes dear!!

  12. I love this thalipeeth a lot.Something I feel I can fast everyday if I have such delicious crispy thalipeeths:)

  13. Belated Happy Birthday, and hope you are feeling better now.

    Thanks a lot for sharing your award with me.

  14. Belated wishes! This recipe is very new to me and sounds too gud! Wish I could taste it :)

  15. @Sushma,
    Thanks dear, yeah now I'm lot better.

    Thank you :)

    Yeah congrats on your awards dear... hope to see you seen.

    Ha ha ha ha .. Awesome comment... comedy .. khup haste me ...

    Yeah yeah ... infact not only fed but also thanks to you I started considering thalipeeth as something more than a breakfast :)

    Thanks dear, do try it :)

    Yeah .. Even I missed my moms thalipeeth so much that had to prepare it soon :)
    Thanks dear, yeah now I'm lot better.

    @Priyanka Navis,
    Thanks... guess first time here. Hope to see you often :)

    Infact thats the main reason I started fasting on Sankasthis :D
    Hope to see you often :)

    @Raks Kitchen,
    Thank you. Do try it possible its much tastier than it looks :)

  16. Thank you for sharing it with me.. you truely deserve them.

  17. Belated haapy B'day..congrats on your awards..And get well soon :-)

  18. congrats on you award.. an thanks a lot for remembering feels so good..
    thalipeet looks yumm..

  19. Interesting that u made with sago flour..thanks for the entry and the award too..Belated bday wishes

  20. Hi Dear, hope you are recuperating well. This is my all time favorite thalipeeth, my panaji used to make excellent ones and pass on the tit bits to us.
    Thanks for the award dear.

  21. Thanks for dropping by my blog and for your encouraging comments.Thanks Kanchan and take care of your health.
    Congrats on your awards.

  22. @Sandhya,
    You are most welcome dear!

    Thanks :)

  23. Wow this is something new to me..Will try it for sure.. Hey gal thanks for those sweet words..! :)
    Hope you feel better now!

  24. @Rohini,
    Do try out, its a typical maharashtrian breakfast :)


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