Tuesday, October 26, 2010

French Beans Patties

French Beans – pharasbi, was never my favourites. So last time when I was bored of it to prepare our regular sabzi, I searched for varied ways to use these up. And now I know, along with noodles and rice I can use in salads, sandwiches and in patties.

I had bookmarked Nupur’s Farazbi Patties, long long long back – yeah virtually in history when I had not even started blogging.(I’m not stalking you Nupur, but truely I’ve too many bookmarks from your lovely space ;) ).


But I prepared these patties just couple of months back and I loved them, they were spicy, soft and crispy too.

Quite simple to prepare – covering consists of Boiled Potatoes and the stuffing French Beans Masala. I did no change to the original version, so Log on to Nupur’s space for detailed recipe and check out the my pictorial version :D


Enjoy with ketchup.. or just like that !!


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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Bookmarked Tuesday

I haven’t really followed Priya’s Bookmarked Tuesdays till now, but I liked the idea as it will push us to cook our bookmarked recipes. I’ve too many snaps of the dishes that I’ve tried from others but never posted them. So I might use this opportunity to post these drafts on Tuesdays.


Pumpkin was solely used for “Bhoplyacha Bharit” – Pumpkin Raita/salad @ my place. Don’t know the reason but we never indulged in any type of sabzi-curry with this vegetable. So I had bookmarked this THIS recipe when Nupur had praised this dry vegetable.


It had been months that I had clicked this snap, we have tried this recipe number of times from then, we love the sweet-spicy-soft sabzi. Goes well with chapatis\phulkas. Do give it a try.

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