Thursday, July 28, 2011

2 years.. and

Nothing has changed ?

Life has changed Hugely ! But when I look at the post below, (which I found in one of my Drafts, which I was supposed to post last year as a One Year Post but dint), I was amazed ! I do have same or similar sentiments towards my blog and everyone even today. I will follow up with my resolution here, and hope to be around, More Often. Thank you for hanging around for TWO HUGE YEARS of my Life ! Thanks :)

 … 2011

Yups... exactly one year back I started this lovely space where I started jotting my funny experiments in kitchen. I’ve grown addicted to this passion and this hobby has become an integral part of me.

We (Me and Personal Tadka) have a single resolution – Try to be More Regular.

Often times, I click loads of snaps with enthusiasm but then they just lie idle in my Picture folders. (You can see that all the posts in July were the ones I prepared in June)

Reasons vary from being busy personally-professionally or simply being LAZY. So I’ve decided if I can’t jot down much still I would post the snaps with short and sweet snippet about it.

People who know me will confirm that, it is very difficult for me to stick to a single hobby for long. But Personal Tadka aka Kitchen Gossip is something I have hold on for long and hope to stand by it  for many more years and this was-is possible cos of YOU.

Friends, who read my space, scan my snaps, give valuable inputs – comments, mail me, ask about me – my recipes… I Love you all and Thanks an oceans for all! Without you I won’t be posting this. ( Shukriyaaa.. Dhanyawad..Rumba..)  :) :)


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