Sunday, January 10, 2010

Gossip wins over Tadka ..

Results Out !!

Thank you all for your valuable inputs to decide on my header name. They say ”Change is the Only Constant Thing” , So thought of asking you all if you are ready for some change and Clear and Loud Answer was NO ! Here it goes …
So Kitchen Gossip is here to stay :D
So Let’s celebrate this with some Chill Winter Drink

“Fruit of the vine” : Grapes


Especially during winter we get fresh, delicious and juicy RED- BLACK grapes. The Foodie wanted to do some usage of our Centrifugal Juicer present with the Food Processor.. so he went vroooommm  with loads of Grapes and some Pomegranate seeds to prepare Indian Homemade Wine =D>


You Need:

  • Black Grapes: 1/4 kg
  • Pomegranate: 2 small ones

You Do:

Nothing Much to do mix grapes and pomegranate seeds and use appropriate centrifugal juicer – as this gives not only the direct pulp of fruits plus forces the juices away from the pulp.


This was especially done to use my juicer blades, one of my least not used Kitchen property. Personal Tadka will display such kitchen properties whenever possible. Would love to know what type of juicer you all use, and how frequently is it used?

IMG_3126Monthly Mingle this month is @ Sudeshna’s  Cook Like A Bong for Winter Vegetables and Fruit, so here goes my entry.


  1. The juice looks really appetizing...

  2. Great color..As you said the juicer I got with my mixie, from India is the least used gadget in my kitchen :D..Great to know that your confusion over the name is over :-)

  3. Dear Kanchan
    Hurray !!! Kitchen Gossip has won,I also voted for it.
    End of the day , I would have been equally excited if TaDka had won...after all whats in a name ?? No matter what name you call kanchaan's recipe will be called kanchan's recipe...
    Nice color and process...that dash of Pomegranate will make all the difference..before I make this, let me go and get some yeast to make a real winter drink..'Have a nice week ahead..

  4. whatever the outcome is all yours to share !!! juice looks great..sure these must be lot of fresh vegetables and fruits in the markets at this of the year !

  5. I love this juice and i make it often.

    And i use my regular blender for making juices...I think we really don't need a separate juicer. But sometimes its a lot of work of staring and may be juicers may reduce that.

  6. Lovely combo and beautiful colour too...

  7. :( I like personal tadka better.

  8. Thats a cool looking thirst quencher,juicer looks awesome too !!Will try combo of grapes and pomegranate next time!

  9. Nice combination .Colour looks lovely .I use my regular sumeet mixie for making juice .I find that easy to clean.

  10. A prefect thristy Quencher...looks refreshing..

  11. wow..what a colorful and flavorful drink..congrats Kitchen gossip!!!

  12. I love grape juice very much...this is beautiful..please accept award from my blog

  13. a big hai to kitchen gossips..though I voted for personal tadka, this one isnt bad either.

  14. thats refreshing dear. I have an award for you on my blog..kindly accept it.

  15. I voted for Kitchen Gossip. Not that it would be a different with a different name. Cheers.

  16. Hi kanchan. Glad to read that the dilemma is over.
    You have such an affectionate husband who makes such a healthy and colorful drink for u.
    I am still to use many gadgets of my food pro, one surely is this..

  17. Wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous new year.
    I liked your blog very much. I appreciate for your wonderful presentation. Juice looks refreshing and colourful. I have become your follower so I will be visiting your blog hereafter. You are welcome in my blogs.

  18. Lovely colour...wonderful drink...

  19. Yay.. Now you know where my vote went!!
    Indian home made wine looks delicious!! Me, juicer?? You know what lazy person I am..I always go for the ready made store bought juice... May be it is time to go the healthy way! :)

  20. Dear Kanchan,
    I love Juices and can have them any time. I absolutely love this combination of black grapes and pomegranate...After seeing it now, I cant resist myself:)

    Cheers and Do visit,

  21. Thank you all, had been too busy with cousins and relatives dropping in, so couldn't reply then !
    Thanks for lovely inputs !

  22. Refreshing juice,looks really good. Nice combo


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