Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Sweet Fasting

I had mentioned here, that I started the typical fasts to fulfill my greed towards Fast special food items. Most of these items were savory ones with this single Sabudana Kheer as a desert. Yeah (!!) , you can have deserts while fasting :DIMG_3646

Sabudana Kheer is a porridge where Sago is boiled in Milk. Though the outcome is quite sinful it becomes thicker in couple of hours and then finishing it off is a bit difficult. Especially if this is carried as lunch tiffin then you tend to loose the enthusiasm of having the thick cold version of this desert. So my Mom deduced this easy to eat version of porridge especially for working women :). The process is same just that mix the milk just before serving\having, try it out and you can see the difference.


No exact measurements here, but the following version is suffice as 4-5 deserts for two fasting people ;)

You Need:

  • Sabudana (Sago): Fistful
  • Water: 1-2 cups
  • Milk: 1-2 cups
  • Sugar: 5 tbsp
  • Cardamom powder: 2 tsp
  • Kesar: pinch (optional)
  • Dry Fruits: 3-4 tbsp (I used Almond , Cashews and Raisins) – Crushed roughly

You DO:

  1. Soak the Sabudana in about 2 glass of water for about 2 hours, yeah for kheer you don’t have to worry about water quantity. Soak it the way you soak grains. IMG_3637
  2. Remove the water, mix the Sabudana with 1 cup of water and boil in kadai.
  3. Let the Sabudana cook well, check by pressing a single grain – if you are able to mash it then its done. While doing so there are chances that the water evaporates, use the next cup of water. But keep the sabudana mix in liquid state.Stir it occasionally avoiding it to stick to the bottom.
  4. Once the sabudana is cooked, add sugar along with cardamom powder and dry fruits.
  5. Major part of kheer is done, now if you are serving on immediate basis mix the milk and simmer of couple of minutes and add kesar it required.
  6. Else let the sabudana cool, and while serving later or having it is office mix sabudana mix and milk – The ratio should be 1:1. Mix it properly and enjoy !

IMG_3644 This Kheer is immensely filling and the sago as just melts in. This goes to Kheer event by Shama and also to Priya’s CWS: Cardamom Seeds


  1. heh heh.. i love that you started fasting to satisfy your greed for fast food items! that sounds exactly like me :D i love sabudana khichdi, bhagar and vade so much that i could fast just to eat them :) kheer looks delicious.

  2. This is my fav too Kanchan..I make this often on festive you have really tempted me :)

  3. Sabudanechi kheer looks yumm..Its so filling..Nice eay to fast haa!

  4. delicious and yum mouth watering kheer.

  5. My all time favourite kheer, tempting!!! thanks for sending dear..

  6. Nice tempting kheer, i love this one and my mom used to make it on spl occasion..yummy...

  7. the kheer looks so creamy and delicious. never knew Sabudana could be prepared this way. between love those bowls they look so exquisite.

  8. Dear Kanchan
    Thats a great way to fast,..thanks for the great idea..I am going to fast every day as soon as I reach home...I love this dish
    hava nice day

  9. looks so tasty and its wonderful pic dear..

  10. Kheer looks creamy and delicious...

  11. this one is my menu for todays fasting thnks for the recipe

  12. hehehhe, same in my childhood me and my brother both used to tell our aai that we will also fast along with her and later after eating all the fast food used to retreat LOL..this looks so delicious..wish could have some..

  13. Lovely kheer.

    Sabudana is yummy in any form.

  14. thank you for this yummy kheer....delicious

  15. This post brought me so many memories of childhood. We'd wait for our mom/dad to observe a fast so that we could gorge on the kheer.
    I think it is the simplest kheer, yet to me, it is the most satisfying.
    Think this is my first time here, lovely space.

  16. @PJ,
    :) that's the sole reason of my fasting ! I plan to post my other favorites too.

    Exactly this goes great on festive occasions.

    totally filling fast :D

    @kithen queen,

    yeah my mom normally makes this when I'm fasting cos that's quite a special occasion :D

  17. @sayantani,
    Oh these bowl are one of the wedding gifts, never used them as such only for my blog :)


    ha ha .. everyday ?? you can try for sure.

    Thank you.

    hey that's great, so how did you find it ?

  18. @Deepa,
    :D that used to be the same story at our place too.


    Thanks dear.. hope to see you often around :)

  19. Just gorgeous!!! I love Sabudana kheer too!! It is also a special festival item back home.. I loved the idea of mixing the milk before serving...!!

  20. Kheer looks so delicious!! I wouldn't mind fasting if I someone gave me desserts for breakfast , lunch and dinner:-))

  21. Ages since I had this. We called it Doodhpak at home ( mother's place). Have to make it now. The picture is so tempting


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