Monday, April 23, 2012

Spaghetti Bolognese topped with Egg

I hardly knew the difference between Spaghetti and Noodles, until I started preparing these @ home. Except one belong to Italy and other to China, Noodles are thinner than Spaghetti.
And one more important difference is spaghetti is normally prepared with wheat flour while Noodles can be any- Flour ,Rice flour etc.

So when I prepared spaghetti over the weekend, I served it with Bolognese Sauce. What I loved the most was styling the end dish, with spaghetti in a cylindrical shape topped with the sauce and Blind Folded Eggs.
So when we were having this, I thought this can be easily prepared for a group of 10 + hungry souls.  As the major ingredients are easy to prepare and once you serve it this way, it can easily go as a party dish.

Cooking Spaghetti is quite simple, follow the instructions present with the package. Normally boil water, vessel should be tall enough to accommodate the spaghetti length, I prefer full ones without breaking them. Add some salt and olive oil while cooking. Drain the water when spaghetti is enough cooked without overcooking them.

You can stir fry these or mix with a sauce of your choice or serve topped with chunky sauce. Garnished with some oregano, pepper and chilli flakes. Serve it in such a manner that sauce remains in the centre pit of the cylindrical spaghetti. Top it with a blind folded egg or soft boiled egg.

My Bolognese sauce was quite spicy and juicy, to make the spaghetti tasty and delicious. This experiment or try was totally worth it :)

Happy Cooking and Posting about it :)


  1. looks good! ;) will try it egg free.. what is the 'curry' on the top? how did you make that?

    1. its a bolognese sause .. prepared and posted in my earlier post.

  2. Really spaghetti looks spicy and yummy. Beautiful pictures.

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  3. Feel like grabbing and finishing that whole plate, super filling dish.

  4. superb recipe...ongoing event :

  5. really nice!.......nice presentation too.

  6. Hi Kanchan,thanks for dropping by my space...My hubby luv this kind of food, looks delicious...

  7. Visiting your lovely space for the first time...Glad to have found it.

    Lovely spaghetti and delicious sauce.

  8. Super tempting recipe, looks so delicious.

  9. My boys love pasta dishes, but I've never tried bolognese sauce at home. Yummy!


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