Friday, January 01, 2010

B’bye 2oo9 !

Dear 2009,

You are one of my favorite years, y? I got engaged, married and honeymooned and yeah my favorite hobby – Personal Tadka was born this year!

Thank you for some lovely – sweet – awesome – delicious – yummy – spicy - delectable memorable moments of my Life ! (I know these have been my most used adjectives this year- will try to use new words soon ;) ).

I won’t select any tops out of 38 odd posts here, I cherished each of them, I worked hard to prepare the dishes the way I wanted and worked harder to post about them!
I still recollect …. (being into IT field I’ve this tendency to mention everything in bullets :P )

Along with these I also reminisce …….. I cluttered my kitchen, read too many recipes, tried many more, stalked many food blogs, crazily clicked every other dish that I prepared, drafted too many posts to post, participated in every other food blog event, whimsically got up early morning to check out comments of posts, refreshed my google reader after every one fourth of a min to check new updates from fellow bloggers and I have done many more weird stuffs – thanks to Personal Tadka. You had truly been a sexy year and 2010 promises to be more sexy and hot! :-*

Sigh !! You had been an eventful year, bidding you goodbye with a portugal sweet !
Thanks !! Miss you ! :(

B’Byeee!!!! :-h

Recipe #7 for Nupur’s Marathon, one of the most fun and exciting event I participated this year !

Arroz Doce

While browsing for Rice Pudding, I stumbled on these Portugal Rice Pudding Recipes.I was impressed with there step wise clicks and beautiful description.I had immediately bookmarked it and prepared over the weekend.Its our very own Rice Kheer with egg in it :DIMG_3066
Verdict: I loved the thick essence of pudding and overall deserty look ! Though it was mentioned that the desert tastes better when cold, I preferred the hot version. I clicked these snaps after I refrigerated it, hence the dry look. I normally love puddings so loved the egg essence in our very own Indian Kheer, but The Foodie found the egg essence as a distraction to the kheer and was of the opinion that it would have tasted better without egg :P
IMG_3067 P.S.
Throughout in my post, I dint thank you- yes you – My lovely blogger- non blogger friends who visit my space once a while and make it very special for me! Personal Tadka strives for better year – thanks to you  ! As I always say – Hope to see you often around next year :)
Love you !

Happy Successful Delicious Scrumptious Year Ahead !!

P.P.S, Sending this post to one more last event – Best Of 2009 by Srivalli :D and Priya’s A.W.E.D-Portuguese originally started by DK's AWED


  1. lovely way to start a new year with a new dish...never heard of this pudding before...but looks delicious and had a good time reading abt your life in 2009....wish u a very happy new year once again kanchan...have a great year ahead

  2. LOL LOL LOL. That's all I have to say! :)

  3. Dear Kanchan
    Happy New year to you and your dear Foodie and you will get every thing you want in 2010.
    your 2009 summary , as usual, is great reading indeed...Your touch of humour and statements make the recipes tastier by all standards.:-)
    Have a nice day

  4. Hi Kanchan. you had a big journey last year and hopefully will continue this year too. Well written gal, and the post brings a smile to my face. BTW you can also send the rice pudding to AWED Portugese hosted by Priya, so do not call it as the last entry

  5. I liked hearing about your fun recollections! I hope 2010 brings you great moments too. Thanks for participating in the marathon.

  6. Its been great to know you in 2009 and wishing you and your family a very happy and prosperous new year !!!

  7. Hey looks like it had been quite an exciting 2009 for you :) The New Year will also be as exciting as last year dear! Your pudding looks awesome.

  8. Wish you both a very Happy and successful 2010. Thank you for sharing a wonderful pudding recipe.Nice to know about you.

  9. Thanks for the lovely recap Kanchan..

    Happy New year to you and your family!

  10. @All,
    Thank you :)
    Have a great time ahead in 2o10 :D

  11. Lovely, personal tadka to this post, Kanchan :D An Indian pudding with egg essence, very, very interesting ... gotta it try it!

  12. That's a nice post.
    Guess I am here for the first time.
    Love your posts.
    Have a great year and happy blogging!

  13. nice pudding ,hav a wonderful year ahead...

  14. oj kanchan, I was OLOling at
    I still recollect …. (being into IT field I’ve this tendency to mention everything in bullets :P )

    u r funny girl.

  15. wat a humorous post...wish you much more successful coking and blogging this year, dear...Visit me when have time

  16. A nice way to start the new year... happy new year...

  17. Happy New Year! I share the same feelings like you have mentioned, how each step was a leap of joy when you start blogging. Hope you have a fantastic 2010.

  18. ummm this looks so sweet and yum,...

  19. Happy New Year! great way to start the new year.

  20. Dear Kanchan
    hey saw those two beautiful photos at G 's blog...very nice indeed.
    DO u display photographs you take, on any public site , like a blog..I take lot of interest in photography

  21. Hi Kanchan, thanks for sending this beautiful famous portuguese desserts to AWED..delicious arroz doce!!

  22. Thats a wonderful post to start the new year!! An awesome recipe too!!!

  23. @All,
    Thanks once again :)

    @Sree vidya,
    Thank you dear, hope to see you often around :)

    :D moi funny girl .. he he .. thnku !

    Hey thanks !! yeahh .. infact photography is my first hobby then blogging ! This is my link to the snaps I click, you can also find this on my blog on right tab under I've clicked !do tell me how you find these.

  24. say the least


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