Sunday, November 22, 2009

Stuff the Stuffing

Stuffed Chilies Or Capsicum is an All Over World recipe :D
Indians make it, Americans follow and Mexicans repeat it! Trust me – search on Google with word STUFFED you will get range of options for various cuisines.
In India itself it has varied names from Bharleli mirchi (marathi) to Bharwan Mirchi (marwadi) :PIMG_2855
Being frank I gotta learn this recipe from The Foodie, as this dish made a very rare appearance @ my place. It’s The Foodie’s favorite and he prepares it to perfection. What I like about this dish is it’s very easy to prepare yet gives a special feel to it - So it has turned out as the most common dish that we prepare when we have guests around :D
You Need:
  • Chili Pepper – Banana Pepper/Chili: 5IMG_2831
  • Potatoes: 3 , boiled, peeled and mashed
  • Fennel Seeds: 1-2 tsp
  • Turmeric Powder: 1/2 tspIMG_2843
  • Asafetida: pinch
  • Cumin Seeds: for tempering
  • Oil: 1-2 tsp
  • Salt to taste
You Do:
  1. Slit the chilies as shown, Remove the stem and Deseed it – these are very spicy (once I forgot to do so and I’ve no idea how many litres of water was consumed that day :( )IMG_2842
  2. Mix the Blue stuffs together to form a dough. Now make 5 equal balls out of these potato dough and stuff it in the cut chilies. as shown IMG_2844
  3. Heat about 1 tsp Oil in Kadai, splutter the tempering stuffs.
  4. Later arrange the chilies in the Kadai in such a manner that each gets cooked in the oil, don’t mix it. Each chili base should get shallow fried. Later spread some oil from all cornersIMG_2845

  5. Cover and cook. After every couple of minutes turn the sides of chilies as it gets brown.It takes about 10 minutes on medium flame.
    IMG_2852The aroma of chili and potato with the fennel seeds is awesome. IMG_2854
Serve with hot Phulkas.We can also prepare this with Besan – Fennel Seeds – Salt and turmeric, It will be more on dry side.IMG_2853
Posting about The Foodie’s favorite dish, how can I not mention about Mera Favorite dish :P -Bharli Vangi (marathi)Stuffed Brinjal/Eggplant is my all time favorite, it was one of the few dishes I never you used to complain :DIMG_2826Eggplants used are the long slender ones
At my place, Mom prepares this typical Maharashtrian Bharli Vangi with grated coconut and coarse ground masalas, will post about it sometime later. But I normally prepare the easier way – stuffing consisting majorly of ginger-garlic, onion, tomato and crushed peanuts (Bharli vangi doesn’t exists without them :P ). This recipe was Anonymous for long, but then when I started reading food blogs I found it very similar to “Achari Baigan” :D … and it’s a Rajasthani dish !! Wow can you believe me I prepared a state specialty without even knowing about it.. Read about it @ Nupurs - One Hot stove. The blog I love follow :*IMG_2828 Not giving the recipe here, followed her recipe overall but added crushed Peanuts – Y? I mentioned the reasons earlier :DIMG_2829
Recently these two are making too many appearances in our lunch box :) So sending this to Divya for her “Show your LunchBox” event.
Turmeric being an integral part of both of these recipes sending these to “Think Spice event” hosted by Sudeshna, the brain child of Sunita of Sunita’s World fame.
Happy Cooking and Posting about it !!


  1. This bharleli mirchi is my favorite too.

  2. Never tried this..Very interesting and delicious...

  3. i always stuff the chilles and then dip in the batter and fry it..urs look much healthier and really delicious this way...Nice one kanchan,thanks for sharing

  4. Stuffed mirchi,i love this,looks tempting

  5. Dear Kanchan
    1st time to your site you have wonderful recipes and detailed photos too.
    Let me see in details what all recipes are there..I shall try this one soon
    best wishes

  6. This is new to me..Thanks for sharing :-)

  7. Pure coincidence.. I also made this mirchi and stuffing, but it was awful :(
    But yours looks too yummy to go wrong.. Will try your version next time :)

  8. very tempting..bharleli vegetables are always a it eggplant or chili or bhindi...list goes on...

  9. Stuffed chillies looks yummy.I am feeling hungry seeing your lunch box Keep rocking!

  10. My mom used to make reminded that to me and I crave it badly now. Very yummy!!

  11. Looks mouthwatering, want to try out that stuffed chilies!

  12. Never made this. Have had the usual Mirchi Bajji - with sesame seeds, groundnut and tamarind, but this is intersting, and different from the way I stuff capsicum. Will try it. To reduce the oil content for stuffed capsicum, I just grease it lightly from outside and pop them into the microwave. Could try it with this one too.

  13. Fantastic stuffed peppers, mouthwatering dish..

  14. Wow...everything looks so delicious...can I join you for lunch dear :)

  15. Nice stuffing,looks spicy and yummm

  16. @Pari,
    Favorite of The Foodie too :)

    Do try, even I tried just 6 months back but I've repeated it number of times.

    Oh.. those are chili Pepper Pakodas right ! Those are quite different I guess.

    @my kitchen,
    Thank you.

    @Ushnish Ghosh,
    Thanks. Would love to see you often around.

    I think we've got sixth sense, we prepare the same dishes @ same time :D Do try this version and no worry dear it wont go wrong.

    True... recently I had Bharwa bhendi with besan, it was Awesome .. tasted like fried fish :D

    @Raks Kitchen,
    Thanks dear !

    Infact these stuffed chilies are hit with microwave, even preparing these with non-stick helps.

    Thank you :)

    Thank you dear, guess first time here , hope to see you often around :)

  17. Lovely post Kanchan. Love that stuffing especially the fennel spice in there

  18. bharwan mirchi- the name itself is unique and the recipe so new..btw, I love the pic of those soft pulkas and the mirchi dabba...

  19. Its really so nice Kanchan..Especially that stuffing and the photos :)

  20. Lovely post. I remember my co sis describing about this recipe. Never bothered to get the info. Now after seeing u description and the clicks, have picked some green pepper from the market y'day(I read ur post a few days before. got time to give a comment just now)

  21. Buddy please collect your award from my blog! :)

  22. Thank you for sharing Kanchan... Its very nicely done..n well explained.. I m totally new to bharwa vege's .. Need to try something soon...

  23. @Raje,
    Yeah, it adds the awesome aroma to it.

    :) thanks dear , those are my work tiffins. Phulkas with chilis courtesy MOI :D and with eggplant courtesy out chapati vali bai :D

    Thank you.

    Thanks, do let me know how it turned out :) I would be glad to hear about it !

    Thanks a ton dear ! As always you made my day :)

    @Sandhya Harharan,
    I always used to love stuffed eggplant but stuffed chili - I learnt after marriage.

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  25. Awesome idea! I love the idea of stuffing potatoes in bell peppers...yummm. Will try it this week sometime...i have some peppers rotting in my fridge.

  26. first time here. you have a nice space.

  27. Stuffed mirchi looks yummy and mouth watering. I will definitely try your lovely recipe.
    Please accept your award from my blog.

  28. never tasted this before...looks yummy

  29. I love stuffed mirchi, enjoyed ur write-up. I am ready to go to school again, if someone packs me yummilious food like this:) Too good.


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