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Potato Pe Anda and Thank yousss

Every Morning I start off my Day with looking @ huge task list lying in my Inbox. After I’ve started blogging one task has been added to the list : Giving details of the events hosted by fellow bloggers. So whenever time permits I think over what I might try out for these events, but sometimes some events really make your brain blank - So this current event of Parsi Cuisine hosted by Meera left me speechless recipes-less. :-S (RCI event is started by Lakshmi of Veggie Cuisine)

I couldn’t recollect any Parsi dish which I have eaten (so forget prepared). But I did recollect reading and bookmarking one omelet recipe of Nupur and my normally lazy memory tried to recollect that the dish being a Parsi one.

So instantly I visited her Pateta-par-Eeda which literally means Egg on Potato :D


Her Awesome clicks made me bookmark this recipe and I found potato being used in omelet very innovative (which made me apprehensive). So I tried it over the weekend.

And I really followed it step wise with not doing any experiments with this new recipe. Hence I’m not repeating any steps here.Pateta pe Eeda

There were a couple of add-ons and quantity changes:

- I used one medium potato for two eggs – (my apprehension). But when I was done I realized using the one on one potato and egg would make a difference as the crispy potato cake tastes delicious.

- Nupur has not mentioned about Green chilies but I did use them along with ginger-garlic as I just wanted to make it spicier.


We enjoyed it just as it is along with Ketchup. It’s a wonderful brunch and soon will be common brunch for us. :">


Do visit this and this for more info on normally unknown Parsi cuisine.



Thank yousss

First and foremost Thanks a lot Suchi aka EC for featuring me as Budding Blogger. This really meant a lot to me :)

And there were couple of Awards awarded to me by lovely blogger friends… Vuuupppiiieee Again !!!  <:-P

Raje and Rohini awarded me “One Lovely Blog Award” .

lovely blog award

Thank you so much Gals. Sharing this award with Awesome Blogger friends:

And Thanks a lot Raje for This Giant Bear Hug.

award-bear-thumb (1)

Giving this Lovely Hug to G >:D<


  1. Never heard of this dish before,sounds interesting & looks yummy,will surely give it a try next time....

  2. oh i forgot to wish u on ur awards,congraz kanchan, hope u get lots more in future and thanks a lot for sharing one of them with me as well...Very sweet of you....

  3. Wow Sounds so delicious Kanchan!! Never tried Parsi dishes, now you have pushed me to try this one!
    BTW, you have one more reason to celebrate! Pls collect ur next award from my blog dear! :)

  4. Looks like a delish combo,I'm regular on eggs for breakfast,can't wait to try with aloo :D

  5. Congrats on your award dear...thank you so much for sharing it with me :)...thats a lovely and tasty dish...this makes a very good and yummy breakfast :)

  6. Enjoy your awards and thanks so much for passing to me :)

  7. HI Kanchan!..great dish and looks yum..congrats for the awards!

  8. WE? You and the Foodie? The foodie ate egg??
    Hai daiyyaa!! Sacrilege!!

    Thanks for the bear hug :)

  9. Hi kanchan, one more lovely award is waiting for u in my blog, pls do come and collect it...

  10. Hi kanchan .. congrats on your award and thanks for sharing with me too... the dish looks great dear.

  11. @Sushma,
    Thanks a lot Sushma, you have made my day by one more award! I am honored.
    Do try this out its totally different dish.

    Awesome, it’s truly a very Lucky Day! Thanks a ton :D
    Parsi cuisine is a very diverse one, quite interesting.

    Yeah it had turned a very common Brunch at my place too, you’ll surely adore it.
    Hope to see you often around :)

    Congrats to u too for award and thank you. Yeah it is new and gorgeous breakfast.

    Congrats to u too for award and thank you.

    Thanks, do give this dish a try. Hope to see you often around :)

    SSssssshhhhhhhh….. Marriage is all about compromises dear :P
    You are welcome sweetie :)

    Thanks Pavithra, your blog is totally a Lovely blog.

  12. Wow.. Nice looking dish and super good clicks too.

    Congrats on your awards dear. And thanks a lot for remembering to share your happiness with me. I am really glad. :)

  13. Thanks so much for participating with this lovely dish. Thanks!!

  14. Congrats on the awards and thanks for passing it onto me!

  15. @Nithya,
    Thanks :)

  16. Nice post Kanchan...
    Thanks for sharing the award with me...

    My post Dal Tiranga has made it up for the Food for 7 Stages of Life event finale.
    Go to and Pls vote for me .

  17. I just loved the dish. Will surely try this.

  18. looks delicious!
    do visit my blog when u find time

  19. Congrats to you and Thanks a lot for the award..

  20. COngrats on ur awards , njoy !!

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  22. Wow...that's an yum looking recipe....congrats on u r awards....

  23. @Sandhya,
    Thanks anc Congrats as your recipe is among the Top one !!

    Thanks, do let me know if you do try it out !

    Sure dear.

    You are most welcome :)

    Thanks a lot !

    Will surely go through the link and will be a member.

    Thnks :)

  24. hi
    Great Recipe
    keep the good work going..


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