Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sambhar - Worth remembering and preparing the dish!

South Indian cuisine especially Idli /Dosa Sambhar is one of the most famous and very easily accessible throughout India or even abroad!

But Mom makes the most delicious and very complicated type of Sambhar – it might not be authentic cos I don’t know how it is prepared in authentic south India, but I have tasted Sambhar from Chennai – Cochin – Banglore or any Udipi hotel in Mumbai but I feel Moms Sambhar is the BEST!

This is how I jot down Mom’s instructions for important recipes. (Ignore the DAAG done while preparation - proof I prepared the Sambhar ;) )

You Need:

Toor Dal (split yellow peas): 1 cup cooked in pressure cooker (once done in cooker smash it a bit)

Veggies: 1 to 1 ½ cup – (I used) : Brinjal , Bhendi, Shirala (Snake  Gourd), Tomato, Drumsticks, Green Chillies, Pumpkin

Red Chillies,Curry Leaves, Mustard Seeds, Asafoetida (Asafoetida - bit more than used normally used - Mom mentioned this to me again and again): Tempering stuffs
Tamarind and Jaggery Pulp: 4-5 tbsp
Turmeric Powder: 1tbsp
Red Chilli Powder: 1 tbsp
Coriander Leaves: Garnishing
Oil for tempering
Salt to taste

Vatan/ Required for Grinded Paste:

Grated Coconut: 3-4 tbsp
Uncooked Rice – Not cooked one: 1tbsp
Chana Dal: 1 tbsp
Urad Dal: 1 tbsp
Red Chillies
: 3-4
Coriander seeds: 3-4tbps
Cumin Seeds: 1tbsp
Mustard Seeds: 1tbsp
Fenugreek Seeds: 1 tbsp

You Do:

1. Heat Oil in Big Kadhai, Put the Tempering stuffs.
2. Add the veggies to this - one after other (let the easiest cooking veggie go in the last eg - i put pumpkin last). Cover and let it cook.

3. In the mean time, Heat oil on frying pan then roast the vatan together for more than couple of minutes.

 Then grind this into smooth powder.
4. Add Tamarind and Jaggery pulp and grind to make a fine paste.
5. Once the veggies are half cooked add this smooth paste/vatan in the mixture and all other masalas along with salt and then cover and let it cook.

6. Then mix Cooked Toor Dal with the gravy.
7. In accordance with the required density mix water.
8. Let it simmer for sometime then garnish with Coriander leaves.

For my standards it’s very complicated recipe but I mean it - It is more than worthy!
When I prepared this over the weekend , the quantity was huge for both of us but we really din't mind as we had it with Idlis then Dosas then just Sambhar :D
As on Saturday Brunch The Foodie said I can’t have more than 3 Idlis so please don’t force me, and the same guy ate more than 8 !!!!

Sambhar is totally incomplete without Red Chilies - its required in vatan and also during tempering ! So me sending this as an entry to Lakshmi and Sunita for their Think Spice - Think Red Chillies .

There is always one dish/recipe very close to you that you always want to make just as your Mom does!
This is THE dish that I knew would take lot of preparation time but I just wanted to do it the right way!! (Read Moms way) O:-)
So I would like to send it to Dew Drop in Kitchen for her Just not any other dish event !


  1. lovely step by step instructions.....Sambhar looks delicious

  2. Lovely post Kanchan...sambar looks so delicious and awesome pictrures :)

  3. Hi kanchan... lovely algorithm for making sambar.. i totally agree.. Amma's sambar is the best.. I still carry Sambar powder from India.. no matter how well I can make..

    First time.. her..e will visit often..
    Do have a sneek - a - peek in my blog too.. and let me know your valuable opinion.

  4. Thanks Kanchan.....glad you found few recipes to try... you r welcum anytime & feel free to drop in your valuable comments. It is very encouraging:)
    keep blogging

  5. I am big time sambar fan, its a good variation for me, thanks for this step by step instructions.

  6. @All,
    I had to jot this recipe down as it really made me remember the steps, else as always I had to call up Mom to ask every small step :)
    Thanks for dropping by !

  7. I love sambar and your post looks good too.. Nice pics. You have a nice blog too.

    Here for the first time and you know what??? your profile pic attracted me the most. You want to show a pic of you without your face. thats so cute. :) ha ha.. just kidding. you blog is kewl. Will keep coming.

    Do take a peep into my blogs and do participate in my event at


  8. Lovely step by step presentation...
    Really mom's are the best cooks... :)

  9. I liked your blog very much. I appreciate for the wonderful presentation with delicious and mouth watering pictures.

  10. I am surprised to note that it's the exact way in which we (read mallus) prepare the sambar too! All that coconut thingie (Is that a GSB speciality?)! perfect with idli and dosa!

  11. @Nithya,
    Thank you and will surely send an entry!

    Thanks for appreciation:) Do visit often ;)

    Yeah its GSB - Konkani specialty, Mom uses coconut in nearly all dishes :D Me being such a lazy gal avoid all the grating and all, but can't avoid it in Sambhar as it had to be perfect ;) !


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