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Slurp the Solkadi

Phew !! What a week… it just flew #:-S , had a gala time but very hectic. Visited 3 beautiful states in six days will try to jot down about these experiences in coming posts.
Anyways just turned my page to pinky pink for a cause, most of us know that October is breast cancer awareness month. It's all in aid of Pink for October, where blogs go pink, to raise awareness for breast cancer.
Virtual Girls Night In: Pink Food is Pink Food blog event to raise funds and awareness worldwide. Also Please do visit the Donation page for a good cause.Click here to donate.
Deadline for the pink event is 27th October (My B’day ;) ) , so gals very few days remaining for the pinky day ! This Pinky post of mine is dedicated to this lovely event !IMG_2780
Vokay, coming back to my adventures last week, One of the state I visited last week was GOA, it’s not exactly my hometown (Mumbaiiya language - GAAV), but we tend to visit this beautiful place quite often (read Yearly) thanks to our family temples around the place. Infact I was not known to the very famous Goa beaches and fenis (GOA special drink) for very long time, the only thing we knew were temples, and the common shopping Mom used to do from here like Amsool – Kokam , Cashews, Tirphal, sukhi kolambi (dried prawns) etc .
So even I did buy most of these and you’ll see these characters featuring in few of my coming posts.IMG_2779
I prepared this beautiful pink beverage with the First character i.e. Amsool in Marathi or common word Kokam - Garcinia Indica in English.Shilpa has written wonderful post on this beautiful fruit, do read.kokum
Solkadi is coconut milk drink with mix of Dried Kokam.Solkadi goes off best with fried fish and rice but nowadays its served commonly as a chilled drink at any good seafood restaurant.IMG_2784
You Need:IMG_2760
  • Grated Coconut: About 1/2 to 3/4 of a whole
  • Dried Kokum: About 6 or if you want to increase the sourness more (it depends a lot on how fresh the kokum is – if not fresh the number increases)
  • Water: About 2 to two and half glasses
  • Green Chilies: as required for your spiciness – i used 3 medium ones
  • Cumin Seeds: 2 tsp
  • Garlic pods: 2 in number
  • Ginger: about 1 inch
  • Coriander leaves: for garnishing
  • Salt to taste
You Do:
  1. Mix the kokum pieces with half glass warm water and keep it aside for the kokum to give out it juices which would turn the water dark pink. solkadi1
  2. Mix Grated coconut, green chilies,cumin seeds, ginger and garlic in the mixer jar and grind it to make a fine paste. Mix half of the water with it and grind again. solkadi
  3. Strain the coconut milk in a jar and mix with the Kokum water prepared in step one. I filtered the mix in manual way, you can use strainer instead.IMG_2769
  4. Repeat the procedure with the strained coconut coarse material and the remaining water, so that all juice is extracted and mix is dried out.
  5. When done keep in refrigerator to chill the drink. While serving garnish with coriander leaves. IMG_2770

This completes the 2 and half glasses of Solkadi.. slurp it as soup/appetizer or a small bowl with main course especially rice.IMG_2782
When refrigerated the Solkadi forms a layer of coconut cream, so while serving need to filter this.IMG_2776

Editing to Add Pari’s comment:”In your version of solkadi you have not boiled it that's why the coconut cream is formed on chilling. I have lived in Konkan and there they boil the kadhi while constantly stirring it as coconut milk curdles easily.”

I haven’t tried this out with boiling but if I do next time will surely update here, but you can surely use her wonderful advice to avoid the coconut cream.


Vuuupppiiieee Once Again !!! <:-P

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  1. Slurp!! You left me dying for this yummy drink!! I shud do a quick google to find out what that "kokam" means, otherwise it would be a sin to miss this wonderful looking drink!
    Your love for pink is admirable gal! Noble cause indeed!! Keep rocking, as always! :)

  2. welcome back kanchan...i hope u had a wonderful day during diwali with ur loved ones...and solkadi pic looks so lovely esp the colour...just loved it...

  3. Wow.. This dish is absolutely new to me.. sure to try it out. :)

    Hey buddy thanks again for you lovely gesture. I am really glad to get the award from you. :)

  4. thanks for the award kanchan...solkadi looks yummm....and great to know u r supporting breast cancer awareness!

  5. That's an interesting recipe..very new to me..:-)You have a lovely space here..

  6. hi kancha..solkadi looks so delicious...its mouth watering...can't wait to make one..

  7. :D Note and all ... maska for commenting! :P
    And slurrrpppppppppppp indeed. Reminds me of all the Sundays spent at Mom's place. This drink is such an integral part of a fish recipe. :)

  8. Solkadi looks mouthwatering....Congrats on all ur well deserved awards ....Thnaks for lovely award....

  9. One of my favorite drinks!!!

    The pink color has come out perfect...Really yummy!!

  10. pics looks very attractive. I enjoyed the post. Good one!!

  11. Hi kanchan, pls do come and collect ur award from my blog..

  12. Lovely pink color of solkadhi...looks super appetizing.,..

  13. Cute looking and sounds good and unique as well :)

  14. That looks great. Is it a sweet drink, or tart like citrus?

    So wonderful to see so many different pink foods!
    Thanks for coming to the Virtual Girls Night In!

  15. The drink looks amazing, is new to me and a must try! Great cause Kanchan! and congrats on the awards dear!

  16. Absolutely new & refreshing drink,Looks amazing

  17. Hi Kanchan, Happy birthday dear. Congrats on your awards. In your version of solkadi you have not boiled it that's why the coconut cream is formed on chilling. I have lived in Konkan and there they boil the kadhi while constantly stirring it as coconut milk curdles easily.
    You have brought back my memories of Goa too where I lived for a while. You surely get the best amsoola there, and you get excellent kesar elaichi syrup there, so when u visit next, buy that too. even the Goan red chilies are quite famous...lot of info in one comment. Hope u have a great day dear.

  18. @Rohini,
    I don’t know about swiss but I had bought these once when I was in NJ, the dried kokam is quite commonly used in Konkani dishes for sourness or replacement of tamarind.
    Do try it if you ever get these.

    Thanks Sushma, had wonderful Diwali, verrry hectic :(

    Thanks Nithya, yeah do try this out, quite to similar to rasam but sour and with coconut milk.

    @Raks Kitchen,
    @my kitchen,
    Thanks a lot gals!

    Thanks for dropping by, hope to see u often here :)

    Karna padta hain junta ke liye ;)
    Yeah re .. some fried surmai or kolambi with rice … basss .. aur kya chahiye life main :P

    Thanks a ton dear , you’va made my day ! Great bday gift to me, thanks again !

    @SilverMoon Dragon,
    Its not sweet drink for sure, it’s a sour, tangy and bit spicy time of coconut milk drink. Traditionally served as side dish with fried fish and rice.
    Thanks for hosting such a wonderful worthy event.

    Thanks a ton for bday wishes dear! You really made my day.
    Oh, haan kya .. @ my place mom never boils it just that she always uses cold water so never requires to chill in refrigerator.
    Thanks for your input, will try the boiled version soon, even will edit this info in my post! Thanks again :)

  19. Check this out dear!!

    And please collect your awards too!! :)

  20. I came to your blog through Rohini's blog .Happy B'Day .Solkadi looks great!Do visit my blog

  21. hey kanchan...many many happy returns of the day!!

  22. Heyyy Kanchan ...
    A very Happy Bda Buddy!! you are first among my blogger friends......
    My lil one claps for you too coz i was singing happ bday song while typing this msg.

    May u have a rocking celebrations....


  23. Hey Kanchan, Wish you a very very Happy Birthday!!!!

  24. hi kanchan...many many happy returns of the day...May you be blessed with lots of happiness..hope u had a great b'day bash...

  25. @Rohini,
    You have made my day dear !! You are the Best :)

    Thank you dear!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes dear. Hope to see you often around.

    Thanks a lot dear.

    So sweet of lil one, Give him a lovely thank you kiss from me :-*
    Thanks for the lovely wishes!!

    Thanks dear :)

    Thanks a TON, for lovely wishes :D

  26. HI
    great to see someone making Solache kadi, I am from Goa and I love cooking Its nice to see some konkani recipes on your blog


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