Monday, July 26, 2010

How to use up Stale Bread – Part 1

Part One /:) … it’s not a series going on here, just that I prepared couple of dishes using up few stale slices of expensive Multigrain Bread which was lying in my refrigerator for a more than a week. And I plan to post them in two posts so Part One :P

So how do you use up Stale Bread?

If by any chance you throw it, please do not do it the next time. Bread is a good adherer so I normally use it in a Tikki, tomato omelette or thalipeeth.

I experimented with this weird dish which can be christened as “Omelette Thalipeeth”, as the final output looked like a hybrid between Thalipeeth and Omelette. Ignore the prehistoric snap of my poor omelette but this is my regular omelette. I crumbled the stale bread along with the other ingredient in this and so newborn “Omelette Thalipeeth” was born. 8->IMG_3788

You Do:

  1. Mix Capsicum +Onion+ Green chillies + Crumbled bread+salt + Pepper + Egg.
  2. Beat Vigorously – Mostly it should look like sticky dough.
  3. Heat the pan and add butter. Spread the Mix evenly into a round shape with spatula.
  4. Cook both the sides till light brown. IMG_3789

Done! Have it simply with ketchup. If you are a cheese fan then garnish with whole lot of cheese. I loved this experiment and knew it should go on my blog.

It always gives a great deal of gratification when I use up something which was supposed to be a leftover or a waste. When I prepared Jackfruit Seeds Sabzi or ridge gourd peel chutney or Snake gourd Seeds chutney, gave me immense satisfaction that I avoided throwing stuffs.

On similar lines my cousin G has posted Bitter gourd and Pumpkin Peel chutney. Do check out.


  1. Dear Kanchan
    Thats a great recipe ! I am going to make it now with fresh bread and keeping 2 pieces separately in the fridge to make it stale :-) and will try after one week..
    have a nice week ahead

  2. Wonderful post Kanchan.. Love the idea.

  3. Looks very tempting, in spite I dont eat egg,but I have long time wish that I should try ;P

  4. for people who do not egg...probably they can try with besan +water paste...

  5. Dear Kanchan
    I made it for breakfast...see my blog I have posted a photo and link to this post too. I cd locate some stale bread and stale Parmesan too ha ha. It was awesome and fast to make.
    Enjoy your exciting work at office

  6. Looks yum and wonderful idea ....let's wait for your other versions now :)

  7. Hi Kanchi, Good one dear, kushal grahini jhaali ahes, no wastage :-)
    Very nice and simple recipe, perfect for a quick breakfast

  8. Looks marvellous Kanchan, beautiful dish..

  9. @Da,
    I can’t believe you literally tried this immediately. I’m honored.
    I’m glad you loved this. Thanku :D

    Thanks !

    Check out Aruna’s comment…veg version of this recipe in three words.

    Yay … you are back with a comment !!! So Mrs Jain doesn’t eat eggs too …. Hmmm ;)

    I won’t say other version but other recipe .. it too turned out great .. will post soon.

    Thanks dear ! Just experimenting .. if it works out it will come here else :(

    Thank you.

  10. Wow.. this is a good recipe to try with stale bread.. looks yummy :)

  11. hi kanchan
    this is really an innovative of using stal bread ,n the result is awesome ...this omelette or thalipeeth is simple delicious ...i will try it soon ...first time to ur blog u got a beautiful collecting of recipes ,all r unique n healthy too ...
    if u get time do visit my blog


  12. Lovely dish and it's very inviting.

  13. wow, that is innovative, looks wonderful !!!

  14. This is going to be my hit 5.00PM snack. I get crazy hungry at this time and it is perfect and simple for me!

  15. That's a perfectly cool idea, Kanchan :-)
    BTW the jackfruit chips weremade in coconut oil. But when I'm here I use any veg oil for making chips ;-)

  16. @Nithya,
    Thnku :)

    Thanks dear .. hope to see you often around !
    Will surely drop by ur space.

    Yups… evening or morning quite simple to prepare too.

    :D I thought so … cos the ones I have are always coconut oil fried.

  17. Wow sounds interesting...looks super yum!

  18. This is definitely quite an idea!! kudos :)

  19. made this for late breakfast today. tasted awesome but the best part is i dont have to toast bread separately. I also added some scraped pieces of pizza cheese. great way to use up stale bread. thanks a bunch buddy.

  20. i do similar with stale bread but bake in oven with veggies and egg...looks awesome..lovely thalipith...following u>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  21. i do similar with stale bread but bake in oven with veggies and egg...looks awesome..lovely thalipith...following u>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  22. wow newer version of thalipeet...must try !! first time here....awesome collections !! Keep Rocking .. happy to follow u :) do visit my blog when free !!


  23. I just made this for a quick snack. It was really good. Thanks for the recipe!

  24. Hi, came here through G's blog.
    Saw this recipe and it struck a cord. My mom makes this omlette thalipeeth often(your pics make them look even more delicious :) )
    I've been busy going through your posts and I'd like to say, LOVE your recipes...simple and quick.

    Me likey :)


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