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Jackfruit Seeds

How do you feel.. when you are the LAST ONE to Know that

One of your common friend had an affair with one of your other friend


Team member resigned couple of weeks back and today is his last day

Yes, whenever I belong to this “LAST to know” group I feel .. I feel … I feel the same way I felt couple of days back when :-q

I thought only I knew what that those weird-almond looking seeds Are…and No-one can guess my complicated Guessing game and Guess What ?? All of the foodies who commented Guessed Right !!! =D>

Yay !! So I do declare all of you as the Ardent Foodies … dhan tana ….. >:D<

These are insides of jackfruit seeds, Crush the seeds remove the while part and they look like this.


I had no idea that these are edibles, so when one of my colleague mentioned that we can prepare a sabzi with these I planned to buy the jackfruit just to prepare this. She mentioned that you can cook these as any potato side dish.

So I turned to my favourite potato dish – Kaptyachi bhaji, prepared this too on similar lines with couple of changes. Can check the detailed recipe there.


As this was a total experiment from my side I’m not mentioning any exact proportions but I did the following:

  1. Crushed the bowlful of jackfruit seeds and separated the white crust and brown almond shaped inner seeds. These brown seeds are edible.
  2. Pressure cook these seeds for couple of whistles or till they are soft. (is there any apt culinary word for Shiiti = whistle?? if so do let me know :P )
  3. Cut these into small pieces and now I used these as the replacement of potatoes in my Kaptyachi Bhaji or as follows.
  4. Heat Oil in an open Kadai – temper with Asafoetida, Mustard Seed, Curry Leaves. Follow with dry masalas Red Chilli powder, Turmeric Powder and Sambhar Powder.
  5. Add the Jackfruit seeds to this and cover and cook till soft.
  6. Add some jaggery + salt at the end, sauté till jaggery melts. Cook till pieces are light brown and covered with masalas.

Garnish with coriander leaves. Serve with hot chapatis or phulkas. We had it with masala rice and kadhi.IMG_3781


These seeds blend quite well with the masala taste, quite similar to potatoes but on a sweeter side.

(Normally I don’t have extra notes for the recipe but as this was my experimental dish and I had an observation which needs a separate mention as Note or P.S .)


P.S.:Though I pressure cooked the seeds there still were few hard or uncooked ones, and I realised that later. So do consider this, and I would suggest either you can pressure cook it the way I did with couple of whistles more or you can also directly cook in the pressure cooker.

Do tell me how you prepare these, as I’m quite new to these seeds. ;;)


  1. Kanchan, I how how that feels to come to know things at the last, it makes me go "grrrrrrrrrrr" and sometimes like no one likes me... Anyways, about the food, I know that I don't know everything, actually I know very limited, so I don't take it to heart... lol

    Take care

  2. Your dry subzi interesting.
    AS with these seeds, they tend to firm up on cooling. So take care that it is cooked very well, near the mushy stage.
    Try making cutlets with it. It tastes nice.

  3. Wow.. Lovely dish dear.. Normally these seeds dont cross the post-pressure-cook stage at home, because I am sooo fond of them.. SO we never actually tried making anything.. But amma, grandmom make a tamarind based gravy along with brinjals.. Will get you the recipe if you like it :)

  4. I love this jackfruit seeds as simple stir fry, delicious!!..U can make so many dishes with this seeds, do check my blog for few dishes with this seeds Kanchan..

  5. It was really an easy one to guess as many of us love this one...and i was waiting for your recipe on it...very simple but am sure it was very yum to have as well

  6. @Priya,
    It wasn’t the exact feeling.. but I felt OMG all know and I thought Noone might be knowing :P

    Even I observed the same thing, they did become stiff when they were cool. Thanks for the cutlet suggestion, sill surely give it a try.

    Are you back ?? Nice to see you :)
    It was the first time I tasted these.Yups.. I would love to see your gravy with brinjals .. looks interesting

    Yeah I had seen one recipe at your place. I’ve bookmarked that .. will check out the archives too…

    Yeah it was quite simple and delicious. We loved it. It was the first time that we tried this.

  7. I even know how it feels when your best friend is having an affair with your own cousine...and you dont have any clue...bad! but it feels great to see them happily married.
    jackfruit seeds are my fav. asked maa to sundry some for me. we generally add them to vegetable and lentil dishes. also a special kind of fritters are made with them too.

  8. LOL...u gave away too many hints dear :)....U know I always want to make sabji but just the bolied seeds is so easy ...I endup eating them just like tht ;)..inbtw this looks yum

  9. expect a lot of traffic :)

  10. Dear Kanchan
    I feel good reading your comment at my blog...
    Very well written intro and feelings..I think we all feel the same. Try the pressure cooked seeds in a Dal, you will like it...It is very popular Bong/ Oriya dish...but fried ones are mostly done. I like the recipe too , which is different.
    I dont count shittis these days..after 1st shitti, reduce flame ( save gas) and shift to time count..
    But counting shitti is also good, then one can feel " ALL IS WELL"
    have a nice day

  11. @Sayantani,
    That’s how I felt... Though all were correct atleast all replied... so was happy @ the end ;)

    Quite a lot of ppl suggested to have them just boiled.. will try them next time.

    Yay !!! yay !!! you made my day !!

    I feel goos reading your posts.. food or non food they make my day 
    Will try these seeds with Dal next time.
    Infact even I don’t count shittis .. just that for posts so that all get an idea how much time I mean mention the shittis .

  12. I really love this a lot,we add this to everything we cook,we will even toast it and eat as such! this recipe sounds good too!

  13. are cho chweet Kanchan :-) I love this fry, but we use coconut oil for frying (a typical Mallu, huh ?):D

  14. Just dry roast them like we do peanuts and then remove the white cover and eat.

    Another one is putting it in Aamti like Ushnish Ghosh mentioned. Pressure cook Potatoes and these seeds together and make mixed bhaji.

    Pressure cook the seeds and make rassa bhaji :)

    Its been ages since I had these things :(

  15. @Raks,
    It’s a nice way to add up these seeds in other dishes.. will try them next time.

    I love Mallu style fry… will try next time ..:D

    Thanks for so many options… will try these one by one.
    Roasting and removing the cover is first thing I’ll try as I crushed them .. so will start with it :)

  16. That plate looks wonderful with all yummy dishes.

  17. heyy kanchan.. how have u been.. its been a v long time .. i blog hopped.. infact after my holiday.. havent visited at all...

    you can make something called Molagutal / Aviyal. Get the recipe for it in google . Its a typical palakkad cuisine and u cud use the jackfruit seeds in them.

  18. i didnt know these are edible either.. but the bhaji looks delicious! now i am feeling like buying jackfruit too for the seeds :)

  19. wow really nice one..

    I used to throw the seeds always after eating jackfruit. I am not going to waste the seeds anymore...

    By the way I would like to invite you to participate in the events CID-2010 and DNSW: A by sending your special recipes.

  20. That looks like it could be good!
    I heard that Jackfruit tastes like Juicy Fruit gum


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