Thursday, October 27, 2011

Diwali special – Caramelized Fried Apple Ice-cream

Diwali – the festival of lights, is being celebrated all over the country for this whole week. Last year Kitchen Gossip celebrated the victory of good over evil and light over darkness with some very traditional faral <dishes prepared typically for diwali festival>, some savoury dishes like Mathri & Chivda and also some Sweet dishes like Atte ka Halwa & Besan Ladoo. Some free ideas were also shared for decorating Diyas and making Kandil <Diwali special Lantern>


This year I’m celebrating Diwali @ The Foodie’s hometown for couple of days and later @ Mom’s place in Mumbai. So no Homemade Faral for me this year. But for this festive occasion I do have this amazingly simple , totally non-traditional and quite healthy desert.


I had these loads of apples lying in my pantry and I wanted to finish these in an instant manner. I had seen this Apple Stir Fry on some cookery show, so I tried to replicate this dish over the weekend. I was quite satisfied with the output but thought it was a bit incomplete to have it just like that. So did a small makeover to make it an ice-cream desert.

You Need:IMG_0199

  • Apples : 2 in no.
  • sugar to taste
  • sale to taste
  • butter to sauté
  • Ice-cream of your choice

You Do:

  1. Peel the apple, and slice it to not so thick-not so thin slices.
  2. Melt butter in a non stick pan, Sauté the apple slices in the pan.
  3. Its similar to shallow frying, making it slightly light golden brown on both sides.
  4. Follow with salt and sugar.
  5. Add enough Sugar to caramelize the slices,  they should not turn mushy.

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Done. Serve it hot either just as a desert or as a side dish to some spicy dish.


I assembled the desert with some caramelized apples then Naturals Malai ice-cream and topped with some apple slices again. You can top of with some dry fruits. But as the ice-cream starts to melt with the hot slices, we just finished them off as soon as we were done with assembling.


Thanks to The Foodie who aptly bought the Ice-cream immediately, we cherished this experimental desert. It was worth the effort totally :D

Wish you all a Very Happy and Safe Diwali.


  1. Woww.. very delicious and tempting recipe.. thanks for sharing dear :)
    Indian Cuisine

  2. simple nd delicious dessert..yummm.

  3. Deliciously done and presented Luv this Caramelized Apple Dessert.Yummm...

  4. looks so delicious and tempting...lovely clicks dear ...

  5. I love Naturals icecream. This is an easy to assemble and delicious dessert. Thanks for sharing.

    Wishing you and your family a very Happy Diwali.

  6. Excellent dessert,am loving it..


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