Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Picture Post with Worded Wednesday

I was not in a celebration mood, but colourful shops, attractive decorative stuffs pestered  me to try my hands on doing something related to the festive season. We had couple of Diwali holidays so thought of utilizing it to do something creative experimental.

Me and The Foodie bought these


And I painted them to look like these


When I ran out of decent ideas, out came the cartoons on Diyas


Then we thought of preparing a Lantern – Akash Kandil, so we brought these


Had no idea what to prepare till we prepared this skeleton


The skeleton and our paper colours suited for Flower


So does it look like one .... say Lotus :PIMG_3981

Here is the final click with both Diyas and Kandil together.


I have many clicks of different stuffs not necessary related to Food, but am planning to post these as “Wordless Wednesdays”, the Photographed Wednesday tradition in blogosphere. So this Wednesday was a Worded one but still a picture post, hope to post many such Wednesday posts.


  1. Wow the diyas look so pretty and colorful :) good job dear. Looks more like modern art and pretty pretty choice of colors :) There is sure a super good artist in you :)

    The lantern also looks cute :)

  2. Diya looks cute and colorful..Nice desings on it...
    Kandil looks awesome..Nice decoration too.

  3. Hey thats a wonderful jib,they look so pretty,liked those smiley diyas a lot,nice idea,post more on Wednesdays :)

  4. Dear Kanchan
    How are you? I missed many postings.
    I am trying to catch up with my blog friends..
    I cant believe this, You and Foodie painted all these Diyas with such creativity ? Thats great indeed..
    I tried to make the Mathri ,,and it was bad .. I know where I made the mistake time I shall make it carefully.
    My Puna trip and collecting the Masala from you is still pending..
    ha ha
    Have a nice week ahead and take care


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