Thursday, November 04, 2010

Mathri - North Indian Pharal

Heard of Cosmo Diwali, that’s how we might celebrate it. The Foodie has his inputs and I’ve mine, we conveniently modify both in accordance with our moods-likes-interests. So after preparing Chivda, I had planned Shankarpali – sweet or savoury diamonds – we were discussing the preparations when The Foodie found this very similar to one of his Marwadi style PharalMathri. 


This is totally The Foodie’s recipe – quite similar to Savoury Shakarpali – a bit easier as you don’t have to cut them in any specific shapes. Even this Pharal can be prepared by the basic pantry ingredients. I had not planned this to go on blog, so didn’t click any snaps earlier, but you can see the end output.

You Need:

  • Flour(Maida): 2 cups
  • Semolina Flour(Rava): ½ cup
  • Carom seeds (Ajwain): 2tsp
  • Black Pepper: 2tsp - Crushed
  • Baking powder: pinch
  • Ghee\Vegetable Oil: 4tbsp – Warm- while kneading
  • Ghee\Vegetable Oil – for deep frying
  • Salt to taste

You Do:

  1. Mix everything in BLUE, remember to use hot ghee – knead the dough start with spoon till the ghee is warm then with hands. Knead to stiff dough.
  2. Let it stand for about 15-20 minutes.
  3. Roll these to small puri shapes either with roll-pin or with hands. The Foodie rolled these with palms.
  4. Use fork to prick pores into these mathris.
  5. Deep fry them in ghee or vegetable oil on medium flame, we used ghee.
  6. Remove when these are light golden and they turn light brown once they are out of heated ghee.
  7. IMG_3942

Done ! Let them cool, then store in air tight container. They turned out well – crispy and soft.I think if we had used roll-pin then these might have turned more like papdi but we liked it this way.


  1. Crispy mathris looks fantastic Kanchan..Diwali wishes to u and ur family..

  2. Sounds tasty,wishing u and ur family a joyous Diwali.

  3. these used to be our midnight snacks with pickle i coll. looks awesome Kanchan very well mae.
    a very Happy diwali to you too.

  4. Mathris look so crunchy and good.

    Wishing you and your family a very Happy Diwali :-)

  5. looks so lovely dear...

    wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous Deepawali

  6. i can eat packs of matharis anytime with some yogurt! these look delicious; happy diwali.

  7. looks perfect and crispy snack
    ist time here u have wonderful recipes do visit my blog

  8. My favourite... Yummy and crispy mathri


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