Homemade Basics – Peanut Powder

Every Maharashtrian Pantry has this – “Kutt” - Course Powder of Peanuts, commonly known as – “Shengdanyacha Kutt”. Most commonly used in Sabudana Khichdi - VadaBharla Vanga and Kakdichi Koshimbir. This is one of the item which you can avoid buying from a market as you can prepare it @home and store in your pantry for all uses. This is also used as one of the Podi – dry chutney, with Dosas and Idlis.


Just thought of posting some of my common homemade basic recipes, to start with this one.

You Need:

Peanuts – ¼ kg IMG_4160

You Do:

Dry Roast the peanuts on a wide open pan, till they are light brown .

Allow it to cool, then rub them off to remove its skin. IMG_4161

When done, just grind the peanuts to course powder.


Done! Store for Mahrashtrian recipes :D


  1. Have used this only for sabudhana khichdi. Will check out the other recipes. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love the addition of peanuts in my curries,this powder is definitely handy..

  3. I didn't know about this. Thanks for sharing:)

  4. Its must have in your pantry..I too make in batches and its so handy.

  5. yummy powder... thanks for sharing...

  6. I am curious.....
    I have made peanut butter by placing peanuts in the blender and drizzling some oil in there...sans the frying pan.....

    Now this is a similar process to creating peanut butter and leaving out the oil.... Is there a fine line of timing where the powder starts turning into a nut butter or is the oil the difference of the turning point?


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