Sunday, April 25, 2010

Koshimbir after 50

Did you know?
Personal Tadka is 55 posts old :-O
I don’t know how this half century skipped my mind, how forgetful can I be!!
And while editing this post I saw my follower number too growing by ONE and completing the half century there too. Thanks Priti :)
Talking about statistics here I have got couple of observations about you all:
  • At an average on daily basis more than 150 of you turn up but less than 20 comment, Lots of Love and Hugs to all those 20 friends you always make my Day and remaining 130 – do try to make my Day ;)
  • Statistically weekend is much less crowded here than on a regular weekday, by this I concluded more couple of things:

    • All of us are less busy on weekdays than on weekend, yay !! Office Work rocks!! <:-P
    • Being a culinary blog, I think all of us try to go for normal regular weekday recipes than the extravagant dishes, though I hardly prepare them and if I do it’s only for this blog.

This Note has inspired me to blog on more simpler recipe (more cos you might feel she already posts simple recipes are simple this is one the simplest...) :">

Koshimbir is an integral part of Maharashtrain thali, @ my place Mom used to prepare varied versions of Koshimbirs one in morning and other for dinner. (for non- marathi guys Koshimir = kachumbar\raita= Salads). It’s just one way of having raw veggies in your regular food; it deals with mostly – tomatoes, onion, cucumber, carrot, cabbage etc.


Cucumber – Kakdichi Koshimbir goes off well as a side dish with any spicy sabzi and it has this typical soothing effect especially during this Hot Summers.

Kakdichi Koshimbir

You Need:

  • Cucumber: 2 medium sized – peeled and grated \ finely sliced IMG_3681
  • Peanut Powder: 3-4 tbsp
  • Curd\Yogurt: 7-8 tbsp
  • Green Chilies: 1-2 finely chopped
  • Coriander Leaves for garnishing
  • Sugar to taste
  • Salt to taste
You Do:
When I say Simplest – I mean it  à Mix all ingredients above and Done Dana Done :P IMG_3684
Serve with Chapatti and Sabzi as a salad.
This goes to Madhuri’sSummer Soothers II : Salads‘
Happy Cooking and Posting about it !!!


  1. Your observation is absolutely correct kanchan, even i have observed that many true..koshimbir looks delicious,loved that you add peanuts too, would be really crunchy and more tasty

  2. Hey congrats dear :) kosimbir looks very the addition of peanuts.

  3. Congrats on reaching double 50+, Kanchan! You are so right, its the simple everyday recipes that we all need the most.. koshimbir ekdam chhan disat aahe.

  4. Hi Kanchan
    Your observation is correct .Even I have noticed that week ends are a bit dull .I love this very much but addition of peanuts sounds interesting.

  5. yup I must agree on ur observations...
    I love this elegant

  6. @sushma,
    I know, infact if you post on weekend we feel depressed as hardly anyone visits you. But lovely friends like you always drop by. Thanks Dear !!

    I love the addition of peanuts goes off well with cucumber.

    Thanks yaar ! Yeah so I’m in search of simpler recipes.

    Do give the koshimbir a try with peanuts, they seem perfect. And about weekends, Alas, Personal Tadka feels dejected.


  7. Heartiest congratulations to you.
    Koshimbir looks delicious. Wonderful presentation.

  8. Way to go!Congrats Kanchan! And lovely snaps :)

  9. Congrats Kanchan, keep rocking...Koshimbir looks healthy,delicious and truly refreshing to beat the hot summer...

  10. Congrats! Koshimbir looks super yum :)

  11. This is so coolong and fresh salad..
    Loved it!

    Shared some awards with you do collect it from by blog.

  12. Dear Kanchan I too observed the survey about blog responses and related posting....nice to read ur post....the dish looks awesome...

  13. @Babli,
    @Raks Kitchen,
    Thanks dear.

    Thanks a ton dear, its been quite a long time that I had received an Award.

    Yeah, I guess quite a common observation from our end.

  14. Congrats on the milestone dear..Koshambir looks yummy.

  15. Dear Kanchan
    How are you ? Long time no see? ( This question is from you to me ha ha)
    Congrats for the 55 runs which is better than 50 and congrats you have crossed 50 folowers mark too.
    I love maharastriyan food, guess how, because my younger brother's wife is Maharastrian and a great cook.
    I have already invited myself there for this sunday diner , when I arrive back in India,,Koshimbir will be autimatically there as i love it and it is summer time.
    Let me see what great dishes you have cooked for me ...
    have relaxed office time and busy home time .

  16. I so like this dish,...yummy..and congrats for the 55 post!

  17. First time at your blog.. the photos are awesome. A few made my mouth water. .Very good dear.. .Will follow this regularly from now on.

  18. Congrats dear, truly agreed on your observation...simple salad but great taste...

  19. Congrats on your milestone :-)Can't agree more with you on the stats :D Simple and yumm salad !

  20. Ok Kanchan, heres hoping that i made ur day with a comment..i love the koshimbir..looks droolicious.I knw abt the stats..i bog hop a lot on weekends..but thats the dull traffic day

  21. Now 21 for you..;-)) congrats on your 50 plus posts...Like the raita..very healthy and cooling for summer days...

  22. @Faiza,
    @Treat and Trick,
    Thanks !

    How was your trip ? Hope you had great time, waiting for more snaps :)

    Thanks for dropping by dear, hope to see you often around.

    I guess most of us agree on the stats :D

    @munchcrunch and such,
    obviously dear you always make my day !!


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