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Sabudana Vada from the Ghats..

Have you travelled Mumbai-Pune by train?? If not then; you have missed on something heavenly.

The weather, Ghats- Valleys, Monkeys on varied points, Pleasant greenery, mild chilling wind – this just makes you going. If this is not suffice there is Karjat cha Vada-Pav or Lonavala chi Chikki – though not authentic yet apt for the time. DSCN5376

Along with these you get wonderful Omelettes, Cutlets, Bread rolls, Sabudana Vades etc – thanks to Indian Railway Catering Services. I may not be big fan of them (due to its oil dripped stuffs) but I admire the way they provide regional + national delicacies; this pleases all varied types of passengers.IMG_3651

Though Sabudana Vada with coriander chutney is one of the famous Maharashtrian evening Snack; thanks to IRCTC it has become Mumbai-Pune patent fried snack.

You Need:

  • Sabudana \ Sago: 1 ½ cup
  • Potatoes: 2 Medium – Boiled, Peeled and Mashed
  • Green chillies: 3-4 finely mincedIMG_3647
  • Peanut Powder: 3-4 tbsp  ( Roasted Peanuts grinded to rough powder )
  • Coriander Leaves: 5 tbsp finely minced
  • Cumin Seeds: 1 tsp
  • Lemon juice to taste
  • Sugar to taste
  • Salt to taste
  • Ghee for deep frying

You DO:

  1. Soak Sabudana in whole lot of water for about 15-20 minutes. Drain the water and keep it about 4-5 hours
  2. Mix all ingredients except ghee; with light hands (don’t overdo as we don’t want to prepare dough – keep it granular). IMG_3648
  3. Make small balls of the mixture and flatten to make it in patties shape.
  4. Heat Ghee in Kadai; and deep fry the vadas till light brown and crispy.IMG_3649

Done! Serve with Fast Special Green Chutney.

This is one of my favourite chutney – Grind Coriander Leaves + Green chillies with salt, sugar and cumin seeds. Mix with curd. This gives light green chutney. 

This goes to Jagruti’s Joyful Eating while travellingstlucia_rum_festival and also to CWS : Cumin Seeds hosted this month by Sara and originally started by Priya.cooknwthseedscuminlogo.jpg


  1. vada has got such a lovely colour and it looks very tempting too...very nice clicks kanchan..and wonderful view too...very peaceful..

  2. wow!!!
    Vada looks crispy and very tempting..
    Nice clicks :-)

  3. Wow,i have never seen such a delicious looking sabudhana vadas! Great post and thanks for sharing a click from your cam,I bet its a breathtaking spot :) Good capture Kanchan!

  4. Such a beautiful and tempting vada, lovely clicks makes me hungry...

  5. Hi Kanchi, Masta vadas and lovely chutney, perfect combination. The clicks are so beautiful and the Karjat valley surely looks serene.

  6. Vada looks crispy, crunchy, tempting and mouth watering. Perfect for snacks.

  7. oh, I have so missed this journey. Well, once I have traveled by train but it was at night.. so couldn't really get to enjoy the views. Sabudana vada looks so yummy and delicious! perfect upvas snack!

    Leeks are an onion derivative. They are much milder in flavor:

  8. Ohh i miss the train and the local food..:)

    Sabo vade looks so delcious..feeling like grabbing some..:)

  9. lovely crunchy vada....looks so devilishly delicious. and breathtaking view from train too.

  10. Ohhh Kanchan
    wow...I would love to go on that train journey!! philhaal tumhare photo se kam chalana padega..Vada looks tempting..wish I can have it right now..

    thanks for the entry..

  11. Great recipe.. looks so yum

  12. this vada brings back the fond memories of my 2 year Pune stay..I used to have this for bfast soemtimes..looks perfect

  13. Lovely crunchy and crispy vadas made me follow ur blog:):) You have a nice space with easy and tasty recipes.


  14. What yum and crunchy vadas,Kanchan :D.We lived in pune for few years,I loved the scenic rides..brings back lots of memories :D

  15. Superb clicks Kanchan...the sabudan vada looks so crispy and yum...this version with dahlia is new to me..bookmarked this :)

  16. The vadas look soo crisp and tempting, Kanchan..And I also loved that light green colour of the chutney.

  17. @Sushma,
    Peaceful pleasant awesome, whenever I pass through those valleys feel like getting an vacation :D

    Thanks dear.

    Thanks !

    I love this combination too !

  18. @PJ,
    Night travel is not worth it, apt time is early morning or evening, its awesome then.
    Okies thanks for the Leek info, quite new to me.

    :D I know, even I miss then if I don;t travel even for couple of months.


    haan pic says a lot !
    thanks for hosting dear.

    Thank you.

    Never had these as breakfast but these are one of my favourite evening snacks.

  19. @Ms. Chitchat,
    Cute name !
    thanks for dropping by hope to see you often around.

    I'm around here just for couple of years and in total love with the scenic valleys around.

    Thanks dear.

  20. The vadas look so tempting and inviting!!!! feel like having it right away :)

    The first click is sooooo beautiful!!!! I love train journeys...

  21. Dear Kanchan
    How are you? I am back home !!!
    I am going to have sabu dana Bada tomorrow...was reading G's blog on preparation for Hemkund..Are you going too with dear foodie?
    Ya I have traveled Bombay -puna by train in 1978..other time by air to NCL ..I want to travel again but in monsoon only ...
    take care , will read all your posting now
    PS ,,Koshimbir was there at my brother's place...sunday dinner

  22. not very found of sabu dana...but this looks scrumptious! yummy!

  23. Wonderful pictures, and I have very fond memories of that particular route!

  24. nice and crispy sabudana vadas.

  25. @Rachana,
    Nice to see you back, and thanks !

    Thats great means I can see you regularly around :) Dint reply to the comments for last few days due to busy schedule :(
    Nopes me not going to Hemkund,she goes trekking to these places and I'm quite lazy for such exercises :P
    And yeah Monsoon is the time to travel Mumbai - Pune , its too beautiful :)
    So how did you find the koshimbir ;)

    @kitchen queen,
    Thank you.

    I thought so from your posts that you must have travelled this route few times :D


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