Thursday, January 13, 2011

Egg Salad Toast

Egg salad is one of the most balanced diet salad , it has high-proteins and low-carbohydrates seasoned with spices of your choice. This is often used as a sandwich filling, and that’s how I used my salad to give a special treat to my BRO. 


I Indianized the sandwich with green chutney spread, then westernized it with heavy mayo spread and cheese slices. And toasted N-number of sandwiches and had a very heavy breakfast with family, on the first day of the year. :)


It’s a simple three step sandwich…

  1. Butter the Brown Bread
  2. Spread Green chutney and Mayonnaise
  3. Fill the slice with Egg Salad and Cheese Slice


Done, toast it if you want else have it just like that with Ketchup.   This goes to Akila’s “Dish name starts with E” event.

P.S: The green chutney was prepared with my harvested Mint Leaves, it turned much more tastier ;)


  1. yummy...nice, i've had salad sandwiches couple of times..this one looks good too !!

  2. Feel like grabbing that sandwich,makes me hungry..

  3. I liked the salad very much and now toast with it...yummy

  4. Yummy anytime welcome treat. It must have felt so good with the mint harvested in your own backyard.

  5. Yummy, love this indian version with egg....


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