Thursday, December 23, 2010

Live Farmville

Many of us do have Kitchen Garden, which had been inspiring me for very long time, to start somewhere on this front. So when I was browsing a wonderful Hyderabadi blog – Zaiqa, I had bookmarked this brilliant informative post on Pudinah. So I started with…

  • Keeping few strands of Mint branches in a container filled with water, I changed the water in couple of days, and with say couple of weeks they were like this -


  • Then I planted them in one of the plastic container and with more couple of weeks they look like this -

© Personal Tadka

I’ loving this satisfying experience, am just waiting to harvest these and use up in some chutney.Will let you all know, when I do it. :)

Will be trying to plant something new, and if it works obviously it will make an appearance on my blog :)


  1. Nice post Kanchan..sure I have to do this by putting in water first. thanks for sharing.

  2. awesome clicks on pudhina..... hope its a nice idea to plat in our garden itself.....

  3. dont know why never had good luck with growing plants always wither within a couple of days. great try growing methi leaves...the easiest green to grow.

  4. Dear Kamchan
    Thats great!
    Quickly make a chutney out of it...I shall follow the recipe...or may be plant a leaf in each ice cube and keep case Foodie and you would like to have a cocktail or mock-tail where few ice cubes will be floating with an embedded pudina leaf...or you can treat me to a drink when I land at your place someday ...

    I think I will also try to grow Pudina ...
    Merry Christmas Happy New year again...

  5. wow, looks superb. I had planted a small tiny thing in my garden and now it has spread real big.

  6. So cute...will give it a try as well

  7. Beautiful herb garden..home grown herb are always fresh and handy too.


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