Flour Finisher Dosa

Nupur’s BB#4 wouldn’t have been better timed!

From last couple of weeks - till this month end we are\will be cooking while pantry cleaning. Why?

Cos we are Moving from our Rental Home to a place which we could call OUR HOME <:-P yay !! Yeah... So if you missed me around then this is the reason... I’ve not been getting any time to blog hop :( … Too many formalities... mortgage documentation... packing and most importantly day dreaming 8-> ... this has been keeping me too busy nowadays! #:-S

So currently I had been finishing my pantry items… all of my lunches – dinners can go for BB# 4 as they are using everything that’s been lurking in my kitchen for last 15 months! Infact The Foodie has warned me – that my Waste-o-phobia might food poison us – as I’ve been using nearly everything which is near to its has crossed its expiry date. #-o

IMG_3761I’m ashamed .. sorry.. but it seemed fine.. hence used it :(:(:( cancelled the name as no branding involved…
Statutory Warning:: Do not try this until you have confidence about your immune system. X_X

These were the flour remnants; I had couple of such packs lying and had been planning to use them for one or the other recipe. I wanted to use these before moving and Preeti’s Rava Dosa recipe came to my rescue. Infact the buttermilk is also prepared from the curd which was more than couple of weeks old (as curd normally gets over within a couple of days…this was lying long enough for its breed) :P

I tried this recipe as it used up all my flour leftovers and also cos I had never tried Rava Dosa at home till now.

Snaps show that the Dosa doesn’t really look like the typical Rava Dosa but tasted PERFECT! I followed the recipe and also the video for the preparation – I guess practice will make this look better.
Thanks Preeti for the recipe and video which helps out amateurs like me. Thanks to you we had a healthy – filling and crispy breakfast :)


  1. Thanks for the entry- dosas are the perfect thing to finish off assorted things from flours to vegetables to yogurt, isn't it?

    Congratulations on buying your first home, that's quite a milestone and an achievement and good luck with the move! Hope your new home is full of joy.

  2. Congrats on you new home and I really love the rava dosa. they look perfect. So glad my recipe helped!

  3. Congrats Kanchan for ur new home..happy shifting dear...rava dosa looks fabulous and prefect..

  4. first of all congrats on buying the new home. I can see the enthusiasm in your writings. happy shifting.
    the rawa dosa looks nice and very filling for breakfast.

  5. Congrats for your new house, i know how happy you must be shifting to your home as i too recently bought a house,its such an amazing feeling...and rava dosa looks yum,even i too love it

  6. Dear Kanchan
    Wait till I post Maida packet photo of 2006 stll lying in tact!!!.( SOMEONE doesn't know about its existance.) The Packet which I carried to KUwat had come back and still hiding in my bag along with many spices .
    Congratulations and will like to see the photo , how you and foodie have arranged every thing...
    I am away in Hong Kong so could not eat any of your dishes after eating foodie's fitters...
    Take care and I will wait for dishes from your HOME....

  7. Congrats Kanchan on your new home, that is always exciting and nervous both. Good luck with all the settings :)

    I am with you with using things which are expired unless my husband points it out. Per me, if it doesn't smell rotten or has bugs or fungus in it, it is good to go... lol... Don't worry, most of the time I cook with good food, but once in a while old ones and never had any food poisoning yet ;)

  8. Congrats on your new home :-)

    The Dosa looks perfect!

  9. the rava dosa looks yummy and perfect and tempting.

  10. wow, congrats, Kanchan! a great news, its always such a wonderful event to move into your own for the first time.. i am so happy for you :) this mixed flour dosa is a perfect way to use up all the leftover flours.

  11. Congrats Kanchan for ur new home....To which location did u shift dear??

  12. hey congrats on buying your new house..yeay yeay..such a wonderful moment..so so happy for you dear..these dosas look so good too..

  13. @Nupur,
    Rt .. I did finish everything including the Curd ;)

    Thnnx a ton for your lovely wishes !

    Yups it helped a lot .. thnks for sharing !

    Thanks a lot dear ! I need all these wishes !

    Thanks !
    I know .. infact this was one of the post I posted without editing , edited later ;)

    It is amazing and too tiring, I’m hardly getting any time for myself :(

  14. @Da,
    Ha ha .. I think we do similar stuffs ;)
    Yeah will post some snaps once we arrange – rearrange stuffs !
    Will mail you soon … been long time.. about your updates ... today hongkong :O wow !

    Thanks a ton dear !
    He he .. can u believe he saw the snap yesterday and was “yeh snap kahan se mila … expired vala”.. I was like its in your tummy honey ! :P

    @kitchen queen,
    Thanks a lot !

    Thnku thnku thnku :D
    I need all these wishes !

    Thanks dear! hey it’s in pune .. not Mumbai :(
    Buying a place in Mumbai is still in my Wishlist !

    Thanks dear !
    Once alls settled you have to come by … !!

  15. Congarts Kanchan on your move to your own home!!!

    Dosa looks delicious and crispy too..

  16. Halva is still pending.

    And new home ??? Sahi hai...
    Congrats !!

  17. Good to be here. Nice blog and delicious recipes. Best wishes.


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