Monday, October 24, 2011

Open Toast Sandwich

As kids, when we bought our Microwave we were up to trials and errors with many new recipes with this new appliance. One of our easiest and finisher dish was – The Open Toast Sandwich. ;;)


This requires two kitchen appliances – Toaster + Microwave.

It was a common breakfast, whenever we wanted to finish off some leftovers. :">


That's what I did with my leftover kadai mushroom, used it in my new open toast sandwich.


  • Toasted the slice bread , I used brown one. apply butter if you want, I avoided it.
  • Used some plucked lettuce and followed by mushroom kadai over the toast.
  • Covered with some grated cheese.
  • Microwave-ed for 30 seconds , or till cheese melts.


You can replace mushroom with any spicy dry sabzi . Eat-Start immediately, once out of microwave. Complete the tasty breakfast with a nice full glass of milk.  :D


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