Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pappa’s Patent Saturday Special

I’ve been brought up in a culture where Dad being in kitchen is NOT weird awkward unbelievable. Its a very regular scene where every morning My Dad does all the cutting and readying up the vegetable and in his words –

“Mummy la fakt phodni deychi ahe :P ” (Mom has to just temper the vegetable, everything else has been handled).

Along with the weekday help; Saturdays were dedicated for his experiments, yeah... Saturday Lunch was Pappa Special. I wouldn’t go overboard with stating that he is a great cook but his culinary skills  are sufficed for our Lunch. He prepares decent simple veggies and his patent is Kaptyachi Bhaji (Simple Potato Vegetable). IMG_3709

So when I was noting my Mom’s specialty; I recollected my Pappa’s Saturday Special too and though very simple always knew it had to go on my Blog !!

Kaptyachi Bhaji  - Simple Potato Sabzi

You Need:

  • Potatoes: 3 medium - Peeled
  • Oil: To temper
  • Asafoetida: To temper
  • Mustard Seeds: To temper
  • Curry Leaves: 3-4 in number – To temper
  • Red Chilli powder: 1 tsp
  • Turmeric Powder: ½ tsp
  • Sambhar Powder: 1 tbsp
  • Sugar to taste
  • Salt to taste

You Do:

  1. Cut the potatoes the way you prefer – thinly sliced or Pappa used V-Slicer to give it French Fries Look. IMG_3707
  2. Heat Oil in Kadai – Add the tempering stuffs.
  3. Follow with sliced Potatoes + salt + Powder Masalas mentioned.
  4. Add sugar if required.Mix thoroughly then cover and cook.IMG_3710

Done. Stir in between so that the potatoes don’t stick to the base. I love a bit reddish tinge so I purposefully allow it to half stick to the Kadai then remove it.

Garnish with coriander leaves, use lemon wedge before serving.Goes great with Phulkas or Dal Rice. As you can finish this off within Twenty Mins; this goes to Nilofer’s Twenty-20 event.IMG_3711

V- Slicer

This is one of my oldest property – My Mom had given this when I left for US for the first time about 5 years back. I had not used this before that but had seen her chop everything quite fast. From then I use this nearly for everything – slicing – chopping- mincing. The variety of blades give you the option. IMG_3708

The shown blades – large ones give French fries type of slices while the other one gives very thin slices – can be used for finely chopping the veggies. So Do you use these ??

Happy Cooking and Posting about it !!


  1. Dear Kanchan
    Thanks for the sat-day morning treat ..I do make something like this in Bong style but here the seasoning is very different and i am going to try it tonight..The Hing, Mustrad seasoning and that dash of sambar powder looks great.
    Thanks for sharing
    and happy weekend

  2. I wish my dad could cook like that... he can hardly make tea. The sabzi ki simply mouther watering-tempting. I mean I want to eat it like now. Great job !!!

  3. The first picture is really superb!
    Looks tempting! My father helps in other households,making dough for roti,rolling,grinding jobs....but not in cooking ;)

  4. i always love comfort food which are easy to cook and less spicy. this one fits the bill perfectly.looks temting and would love to have this with dal chawal and a lil bit pickle. thanks to your Dad n you for sharing this .

  5. Must say your mom's lucky and that's one comfort food.

  6. wow thats a beautiful click, simple and yummy dish, Your mom is really lucky...

  7. Looks awesome...beautifully done....nice clicks dear

  8. So much enjoyed reading your post, Kanchan :) My dad also had a potato sabji specialty and of-course omlettes was his specialty too. Kapachi bhaji looks so yummy, i like that it has sambhar powder.

  9. Thats a beautiful dish, u guys are very lucky..lovely dish, very tempting..

  10. That sabji was a real treat to the eyes.Even I like it slightly roasted and tastes awesome with rice and rotis. Kudos to ur dad :):)

  11. My father is a very good cook and he prepares all types of delicious food. You are also very lucky. Potato is my all time favourite and it looks so tempting that I cannot resist myself. Wonderful presentation with mouth watering pictures.

  12. beautiful recipe would love to make this. thank u 4 sending it to my event

  13. Even my dad cooks around and he too has some special dishes :)..these potato fries are really good...they must be very tasty too :)

  14. Simply delicious kapachi bahji..
    Nice write up and lovely clicks.

  15. That's a great recipe..simple too :-)

  16. Wow! The pics are so tempting...I love such simple and delicious recipes :) The interesting twist to this aloo sabzi is that it has sambar powder :)

  17. even if its a simple stir fry, it has a very unique taste wen fathers make it. and I dint really know that V slicer has so much gudness packed in it.

  18. @Da,
    Replying ekdum by mid of week..Do try this out and let me know how you found this! Btw would love to know your version too...

    I know most of my friends say the same about their Dads, that’s a bit different about my dad but even he knows only the basics !

    Thanks yaar ! Infact my dad too started as a side helper but later on wanted to prove main cooking is too not difficult so tried these basics :D

    Yups, goes great with dal chawal n pickle !

    Thanks yaar !

    He he … yups the simplest are their specialties :D

    @Ms. Chitchat,
    Oh .. I love that reddish tinge it gives a different taste.

    Oh… that’s nice , we can learn not only from Mom but also Dads ;)

    Thanks for hosting this lovely event.

    That’s nice .. do post about them too.

    Thank you.

    It gives altogether different taste, do try out.

    I am fan of V-slicer ! No substitute for it …

  19. wow it looks spicy and delicious i love this post its really coool, i like it

  20. Kanchan,this recipe looks spicy n tasty.Perfect combo with rice.....
    Do drop in sometime to aathidhyam with ur valuable feedback

  21. Hi Kanchan,

    you have a very lovely dad is the same way too..he is an excellent cook, so much so some dishes taste better if dad made them than mom.

    Also, I own the V Slicer, but I dont use it that much. What else do you use it for? If you give me some more ideas, I would probably put it to more use. :)

  22. Hi Kanchan,

    you have a very lovely dad is the same way too..he is an excellent cook, so much so some dishes taste better if dad made them than mom.

    Also, I own the V Slicer, but I dont use it that much. What else do you use it for? If you give me some more ideas, I would probably put it to more use. :)

  23. Dear Kanchan
    I do often read old favorite postings and this recipe is just too good. Have made several times, but had forgotten to make after sept..Now will make again with fresh hard potatoes.
    Have a nice weekend


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