Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Talking about clicks……

I had typed this last week but due to internet darkness at my place for last EIGHT days….couldn’t post then.. hence the delay ..

One Fine Day, am having a Pleasant Lunch with Office Gals – Bitching, chit –chatting, commenting and suddenly I was shocked!! We have this presentation going on in one of our Café corner with upcoming special Menu – there was this Menu popping out in the slides with their pictures and what do I see???? (!!!)

Yeah ... the Solkadi was presented by my – Personal Tadka’s  Solkadi snap !!

First I was stunned cos I have never given my blog personally to anyone – especially no one from Work! OR neither have I expected anyone from typical IT Company to follow read take a look at my Blog. So the shocked version of me complained to one of my work friend – (who is least interested in my blog) “How my own colleagues used my snap and never asked me”;

His reply was more shocking “Who is going to go through the blog to search a snap (!!) – they must have Googled”. My reaction to this unkind answer was “Hello People love my blog (Don’t they? Please say Yes (!!))

But that’s true, I grant my colleagues cos when I searched for Solkadi; Google images did show my snap among some toppers. This also gave me weird satisfaction that my Solkadi must have looked most refreshing among all the other Toppers as that was flicked – So maaf kar diya ;)

Now Talking about snaps … How do you find these ???






Which ones better LEFT or RIGHT ?? ;)


Check out the Details @ Deepa’s here;

Once again Thanks a ton Deepa for the wonderful opportunity as a guest blogger !!


  1. wow!!! Those are some perfect looking tadka. Looks soo delicious and tempting.

  2. Totally agree with Nithya & Rachana..

  3. Same here dear, left one is much better and fresh looking. And, yes, I love your blog and visit it religiously whenever I see a new post popping from you. I also got this satisfaction when I googled Rajasthani recipes and got my blog in the first page, isn't it amazing to get that feeling :)

  4. Dear Kanchan
    Congratulations! I feel great that your photo was used in your office....great honor indeed..
    I really feel honored when some people take photos off my Himalayan blogs and publish in their name ( without my knowledge)...I feel good that some people have made some money ..in fact I am going to put a banner on my blog ..instead of copyright I will write " Take any photo you like and use it whatever way you want, it is all yours"...ha ha
    I am sure you are settling down pretty fast in your new Asiana

    have a nice sunday..

  5. Lovely looking fritters! Nice photography :) I love urs better ;)

  6. Those are perfect bhajiyas,craving for some right now :).
    Just checked the solkadi recipe,no wonder it got the attention more than others,has such pretty color ;)


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