Sunday, April 11, 2010

Buttery Silky Dal Makhani

When Nupur announced her Blog Bite 2 – theme of cooking anything which you never thought you’ll prepare at home, I was oh … My List is too long!! :-? So the Plotter that I am – I acted on asking The Foodie about our eat-out plan on our coming lazy weekend:

Me: “We’ll eat-out or order something this Sunday… ”

He: “Yeah … lets order Dal Makahani ... it’s been long time we had it!”

Bingo …. Searched my favourite blog – One Hot stove and planned our eat-out at our home itself. Menu was typical Punjabi style – Dal Makhani with Laccha Paratha. IMG_3666

For me Punjabi meant – “Butter chicken” while for The Foodie the same word means – “Butter Dal “! I thought “How uninspiring it is to have a Dal at the same price of the Chicken”, but all you Guys who haven’t tasted this authentic Punjabi Dal Makhani – you HAVE to HAVE this! The buttery feel, the sensuous texture, it is thoroughly Punjabi’s signature dish.

Few things I got to know about this Dal ..

The overall procedure to prepare is quite similar to most of the Dals, yeah It is very simple to Prepare yet it’s rich and sure a Crowd Pleaser. It uses Black Urad Dal – I never had this in pantry – so this is new around. Infact this Black Urad Dal  – is the sole reason for the Buttery feel of Dal Makhani.. ! Its easy preparation has raised my confidence that not all restaurant style Dishes are difficult – recollect my Hara Bhara Kabab.

Do go through Nupur’s recipe, the delicacy in gist is You Do:  IMG_3658

  1. Soak Kidney Beans (Rajma) - 16 hours And Black Urad Dal + Chana Dal – 8 hours. Pressure cook these lentils and mash them a bit.
  2. Heat Desi Ghee – Add asafoetida + cumin seeds + ginger- garlic paste + fenugreek seeds. Let these splutter.
  3. Add Tomato Puree; let it loose its raw texture. Add red chili powder + salt + cream +dollop of butter and cooked mashed lentils.
  4. Let the lentils boil, finish off with garam masala + ghee. IMG_3664

Garnish with coriander leaves.

The Foodie wanted to have Lacha Paratha with Dal, for me I had no idea how this Paratha looked. So The Foodie experimented with this, and it was WOW!! I regret for not trusting his experiment, so didn't click any snaps but I HAVE to Post these lovely parathas,I promises will prepare them soon! IMG_3665 Till that time even you can drool over these… ;)

Dal Makhani also participates in following events :

Happy Cooking and Posting about it :D


  1. Thanks for a great entry, and am so glad the recipe worked for you; this is one of our favorites now.

    I love the swirls in the paratha- the whole meal looks like wonderful.

    By the way, what are those green-underlined words, ads or something, but no way related to the word?? What's that all about?

  2. Thats one cunning way to make the DH blurt out what he wanna eat outside.. Lemme try that to on my DH..Hehe... :D

    Dal Makhani looks just so buttery, creamy and rich!! I do it exactly the same way, but I dont add Chana dal.. I should try the difference next time!! :)

  3. Dal makhni looks lovely.

    what a nice and typical conversation between couples.

  4. Nutritious dal, looks awesome..

  5. dal makhani looks rich and creamy,lovely way to end the weekend....lacha paratha looks superb with it

  6. Wow! north indian dish at home? Next time the Boy and I feel like eating out but not at a restaurant, we know where to drop in.
    And like Nupur said, I too like the whirlpool patterns on the paratha... :)

  7. WOw,looks really nice with that flaky whole wheat paratha! My friend once teached the technique to roll yet to try out :)

  8. @Nupur,
    Thanks to you, this is gonna be our favorite too :)
    yeah those are the advertisements, once registered long time back..

    Cos I know if I would have suggested that I'll prepare Makhani at home he would have suggested Eat-Out so I did the opposite :D


    Perfect for Punjabi Weekend !

    Sure, waiting for you to drop in soon :)

    Will post these parathas soon, they were awesome !

  9. The whole meal looks so delicious the creamy and rich dhal makhani :(

  10. Daal makhani is my restaurant favorite too.. and like you I haven't cooked it at home before or have black urad daal at home. But you have tempted me a lot now to go and buy some black urad and try this recipe. looks so yummy. looking fwd to the laccha paratha recipe next!

  11. Parata look so nice...the whole meal is so inviting and healthy..
    beautiful presentation..

  12. Irresistible meal..who wouldn't love this rich n creamy dal makhani..

  13. Hi Kanchi dear, this is my family's favorite. Love the concentric rings on the paratha.

  14. Yummy and creamy daal makhani dear..and loved the perfect swirls of the paratha...waiting for the paratha post now :)

  15. Hey Kanchan
    Droolworthy pics..whole meal making me hungry! my family loves daal makhni..

  16. I love this recipe looks ultra yummy! awesome pics too.

  17. Lovely combo. Dal makhani looks creamy and delicious. Paratha also looks perfect. Nice presentation.

  18. Looks delicious! Im drooling here...

  19. @Gita,
    yes it was totlly creamy dal.

    Infact I never knew Black Urad dal existed before this recipe. Now I'm just collecting various black dal recipes. Laccha Paratha - promise let me get one free weekend and I'll be back :)

    Thank you.

    Thanks, if only I knew these Parathas will come so perfect I would have posted about them here only.

    Paratha recipe might not be on immediat basis but will follow soon.

  20. @Jagruti,

  21. hhehehhe..thats so cool..I too sometime try such wicked things..but it pays in the end though when they are licking their fingers..and going gaga over the dish..this looks exactly the same on which I would go gaga over..loooks so drool worthy..yum yum yum...

  22. What a fantastic meal. The dal does look gorgeous. Black urad dal was meant for idli and that is how much I knew.

  23. hi there lovely snaps and wonderful recipe. keep up the good work

  24. Thanks Kanchan, dal makhni is on my list for a long time now will make this tried and tasted version!

  25. Hey Kanchan.. the dal looks great. And parathas look amazing too! Do let us know if you post the recipe for those. Cheers!

  26. Very nice blog.

    indian vegetarian recipes


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