Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Go Green Kababs

There are these typical restaurant style delicacies which we always order but avoid preparing it at home. For me Kababs go in this category. I always thought these require whole lot of hard work and I can never try at home. So when one of my colleague mentioned that she prepared this Moghlai Vegetarian Specialty Hara Bara Kabab for 20 odd guests at her place, I was amused, is it so simple ?IMG_3616

Yeah, she gave me the recipe in a single line --- Mix Palak + Potato + Peas and fry … Done!!

Obviously I had to try something so simple, so here it goes the above single line stretched to few more peculiar lines :P

You Need :

  • Spinach Leaves: About One Cup - Blanched
  • Potatoes: 2 Medium – Boiled and Mashed
  • Green Peas: About One Cup – ParboiledIMG_3610
  • Green Chilies: 3 finely chopped
  • Ginger: 1 inch - grated
  • Black Peppercorns: 4-5 Crushed
  • Chaat Masala: 2 tbsp
  • Corn flour: If required
  • Salt to taste
  • Oil to Deep/ shallow Fry

You Do:

  1. Finely chop the blanched spinach leaves and mash it with potatoes and peas.
  2. Mix the chilies, ginger along with pepper and chaat masala.
  3. If this is thick dough type then no need to add corn flour, else add corn flour for binding. IMG_3611
  4. Make small tikkis out of the dough.
  5. Deep or Shallow fry, till it turns light brown color. 

Quite Simple, isn’t it? And a total crowd pleaser Green!IMG_3613

This Spinach special dish goes to Siri and Divya’s Healing Food event. Happy cooking and posting about it !


  1. Heyy sooper...
    Indeed this kabab is very simple...
    i did it for my birthday party.. prepared 20 nos..
    i baked it to speed up mywork... no frying ...
    need to post mine soon.. its in my archive..

  2. Kabab looks healthy and crispy dear!!!!!

  3. simple & delicious kababs...perfect starter for party..

  4. A perfect starter for parties..lovely hara bhara kebabs !

  5. same here. hardly prepare these delicacies at home. your recipe sounds easy breezy and looks perfect,

  6. these look so tempting..nice and great recipe..

  7. I love these hara bhara kebab...tempting:)

  8. wow very simple n yummy kebabs...tempting pic...nice ones kanchan

  9. These are my favourite...but I like the green peas crushed...

    I didnt know the recipe was so easy...thanks!!!

  10. Nice..I know how it is, somethings so out of reach to cook at home and when we finally make it, Dah! Thats all! comes to mind. Good one

  11. Just curious. What did you do with the rest of the green peas lying around in the photo ? :P

  12. these should be a party pleaser appetizer...awesome !!

  13. Beautiful kebab, lovely idea.

    BTW, I liked ur new profile picture, lol.

  14. Hi Kanchan, this is such a wonderful hara kabab recipe, so simple yet so flavor-packed! I loved your click too. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I am glad you did because now I found yours, following it now.

  15. A great recipe...first time here love your blog.

  16. I love to try kebabs, this one indeed so simple and will try soon with baking version!

  17. @Sandhya,
    Baking is much healthier too as compared to frying ones. Waiting for your version now :D

    Healthy – yes for spinach , Crispy – yes for deep frying :(

    Quite favorite starters too !

    Thanks !

    @Homemakers Dairy,
    If I had not known that these are so simple, would have never searched the recipe of my own.

    Thank you dear.

    They are quite favorites for us too now !

    Thanks, yeah quite simple.

    Yes, infact when I was done The Foodie also mentioned that I should have mashed the green peas as that’s how they do it in restaurants, it dint really click to me while preparing.


    After I ventured these Kababs now I’m gonna look for many more of such restaurant specialties – never know they might turn out much simpler!

    Thanks to spinach :)

    Ha ha ha …. They are still lying in my refrigerator pleading me to click many more of their snaps with other poses :P

  18. @SE,
    Yes totally.

    Lolz ! so someone did notice me in these Greens :D

    Thanks dear, infact yesterday whole day it was your blog day for me with lovely new cuisines there !

    Thanks for dropping by... hope u enjoyed here… hope to see you often around!

    Yes, baked version is much healthier, looking forward for your version.

  19. Kababs looks delicious and mouth watering. Wonderful presentation.
    Please collect your award from my blog.

  20. Kababs look so tempting. Nice pics

  21. Kababs looks so tempting and inviting...

  22. Any green dish gets my attention,wonderful kebabs :D

  23. Kebabs looks super delicious dear..


  24. Looks nice and new to me..sounds healthy.


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