Sunday, March 21, 2010

Royal Kurma within one Shitti (whistle)

I have got a vast list of Bookmarks which I have planned to try out sometime or later, so I loved the idea of browsing through my bookmark folder to search for something that used Cooker – Yes you guessed it right this was for Nupur’s Blog Bite event!

So the first one to pop up was Raaji’s Vegetable Kurma – When I was a newbie in this blogging world I used to dribble over some blogs snaps and just hoping I will prepare these dishes soon. Raks Kitchen is one of such a stirring blog for many amateurs like Me.  She not only gives the ingredient list in a table format which is quite easy to grasp but her step wise snaps bestows all. You don’t have to think much as to what next??IMG_3621

Whenever I had mix of all veggies I always planned to prepare this but used to miss on something or other; and thanks to lazy me even this time I forgot “Gram Dal” from the “To Grind” list, and this I realized while posting this, else Me and The Foodie were overwhelmed with this Royal Sabzi and Thanks to Raaji this dish has been honored a position in our most reliable Guest “Carte du jour”.

Using Pressure Cooker just follow the following three major steps;

  1. To temper: Add the tempering stuffs Elachi, Clove, Cinnamon, Bay leaf  and Jeera . Once they splutter add Curry Leaves follow by Onion + ginger garlic paste. Once sautéed add tomatoes followed by turmeric powder + red chilli powder + garam masala + salt and the grinded masala mentioned below.
  2. To grind: Make a fine paste of Coconut + Fennel + Khus khus + cashew nuts + gram dal – Add to the mix above and fry till it gives out oil.
  3. Veggies to be added: Add all the finely chopped mix vegetables that you want – I used cauliflower +carrot +peas + French beans. Add water so that this lightly covers up the veggies. Then Pressure cook till one whistle of medium flame. Once this cools down and if there is excess water then simmer till the vegetables become semi dry.IMG_3618

Done! Garnish with coriander leaves and enjoy with hot rotis or rice!

Kitchen Property :

I had started disclosing my property details with my juicer, so after about a quarter lets show off one of my most versatile appliance – Pressure Cooker. Currently I have couple of them – the smaller one was bought when I used to stay with my cousin roomie and the other one was well deserved Mom’s Gift after marriage – yes most useful Dahej :PIMG_3622

The smaller one is used only for Rice and Dal but the smarter and the bigger one goes off well with Idlis – Dhoklas to huge quantity of meals for guests. Would love to know about your most precious kitchen property :)


  1. Royal kurma looks incredible, i can have this colourful kurma with my rotis..

  2. lovely & delicious kurma, beautifully presented..

  3. Oh I am swooning over that kurma- it looks so good. I love how you broke it down into three easy steps.

    Thanks for your lovely entry :)

  4. i am so loving this one shitti kurma! never thought of making kurma in pressure cooker. looking forward to more pressure cooker dishes here. my valuable kitchen appliances are pressure cooker, rice cooker and coffee maker. i might live without the first two but not the last :)

  5. Making kurma in a pressure cooker is a cool idea:) Looks delicious:)

  6. Dear kanchan
    This is an awesome dish.."shitti baja-ke"..I vaguely remember a movie where shakti kapur used to use " shitti bazake" phrase all the time..
    Pressure cooker brings lot of memories..i recall in 1977 and just before my marriage , I had bought one pressure cooker on instalment Rs 20/ month, the price was Rs 212 for the 6 lit one ( Gold was about 500 per 10 gms, then ). It is still there ...33 yrs have gone by.
    You have changed your profile photo , so had difficulty in recognizing the site in this new Avatar...give my good wishes to your dear foodie...of course good wishes to you too.

  7. Mouth watering kurma. I'll go crazy without the pressure cooker.

  8. First of all thank you somuch for such lovely words abt my blog,I feel really great...thanks for try ing out my recipe and as Nupur have told,you have made it sound very simple with three steps :)

  9. Hey Kanchan! The Royal Kurma looks nice and colourful! Must have been delicious!

  10. the pink background with the kurma looks lovely and tempting.

  11. Nice to see your pressure cookers :)...interesting kurma and cute presentation with all the roses...looks good.

  12. @Priya,
    It goes best with Rotis or Puris.


    Thanks for wonderful event and yes the three steps made the process quite simpler.

    I have many of such friends who are closest to the coffe maker :) One of the other appliance which makes my life simpler is my Food Processor- just saves time for everything- cutting, slicing to kneading !

    Cool and simple too ! Thanku !

    Even my mom became quite nostalgic when she bought me that big cooker – she expressed the same thing “The one we have is the first thing me n papa bought together and its still awesome”… so I guess after 27 years I might sat the same thing :D

    I think most of us Indians will share the same feeling about the cooker. Seeing you for the first time around… hope to see you often.

    Just expressed how Big a FAN I am of your blog :D
    Infact the way you jot down your recipes it does make life simpler as you already have broken them into small pieces for us to grasp well !

    Yes.. totally delicious. Seeing you for the first time around… hope to see you often.

    @kitchen queen,
    Thank you.

    He he .. yeah had dozen of them lying around so thought of using them just to give some royal feel :)

  13. Oh yeah, what would I have done without my pressure and my mixer grinder..
    kurma looks fantastic..

  14. Wow Kurma in one shitti...I too love my pressure cookers..I've got 4 of them, diffrent sizes..whenever I go to India I bring Hawkins..I remember ad by Nina Gupta"Hawkins ki shitti baji, khushbu hee khushbu udi"...

  15. Kurma looks spicy, delicious and yummy. Wonderful presentation.

  16. Thanks for visiting my blog. The kurma is truly royal.


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