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Finger Millet Porridge – Nachna Ragi Milk

Madhuram and Indira’s  JFI: Raagi , gave my Memory cells some kick : how many Raagi (Nachna in Marathi) dishes do I know? One ; yeah I don’t recollect Mom preparing anything except Nachnyacha Dudh – Raagi Milk – Finger Millet Porridge. So obviously I will post what I know the best but I am eagerly looking forward for its roundup and would love to see what all can be prepared from this healthy grain.


The mentioned Porridge was a summer special drink at our place, every summer evening we BRO and Me used to get this huge glass full of thick Porridge, not that we complained cos anything with season specialty always attracted us. With the innovative summer drinks coming in I will always cherish our traditional summer drink :)


This will give about 2 cups of porridge.

You Need:

  • Nachna (Finger Millet - Raagi) flour: 1 -2 tbsp
  • Water: 1-2 cup
  • Sugar: 3-4 tsp
  • Milk: 1 cup

You Do:

  1. Mix Finger Millet flour with water and bring it to boil. Stir in between so that no lumps are created.
  2. Once the color changes to transparent brown, add sugar and stir it.
  3. Later add the milk and bring the mix to boil. Done.


Serve hot as a thick drink in a cup or as porridge in a bowl.

A-W-A-R-D-T-I-M-E  <:-P

kreativ Thank you so much Deepa , Malar and Faiza for this lovely award now about Seven interesting things about ME, I had already posted about it here. As I have already bored you enough with my 7 interesting things I will give 7 interesting sights around the city that I’m staying from last couple of years.

My last two weekends were totally busy with chilling –eating-playing @home with cousins and other with sightseeing my neighborhood with The Foodie’s relatives.  So about my first weekend about chilling – cooking and eating I am posting about it turn by turn ; so thought of mentioning Seven Interesting highlights I saw during my last weekend. So here it goes:


Pune is famous of its surrounding Dams, so what if it doesn’t have beaches tourist and even locals visit these Dam as they go for Chowpatty. I clicked these local boys taking a dip in one of the most famous, pleasant and easily accessible Khadakwasala Dam.


I consider Sinhagad as the favorite Picnic Spot in Pune. Trekkers worship this but lazy person like me love the proud feeling of being at the top without much exercise :P. This is the prominent Tanaji Malusure point ; renowned Maratha warrior climbed this steep cliff with vertical rock face and fought to win this fort during which he lost his life. Famous lines by Shivaji - "Gad aala pan sinha gela" – “We  won the FORT but Lost the LION”


All views from or around Sinhagad are exquisite but for Foodies like us this is the best view you can get. Kanda Bhajji – Onion Fritters also known as Khekda Bhajji (Crab style fritters); these are the typical Maharashtrian style fritters. The chill surrounding and the hot fritters- what else you want in life !


We find this huge Birla Ganpati Idol blessing all the people travelling from Mumbai – Pune J It is gigantic yet saintly.


Bushi is the popular dam made waterfall in Lonavala during rainy season. But now the waterfall was desiccated and you could find such lone survivors staring at the drying up water.


We always find such valley points at hill stations; Lion Point gives this scenic view.


We were keen to visit the ancient Buddhist architecture: Karla Caves, but these were closed so got this outside view.

So passing this lovely award to few others .. Rohini, Sushma, Pari, Ushnish Da, Shubha, SE  and G … I know most of you must have received this award number of times, so do try to give more than your seven interesting things about you !! I’m totally looking forward to read on :)

P.S.:I am going on one small weekend trip; this time to Konkan part of the country so catch you with details of it soon :)

P.P.S.: I am back from Konkan beach trip, with more details later, couldn’t post this before the trip with packing and all… the trip was AWESOME !!


  1. Healthy porridge dear..and WOOOOW !!! Awesome clicks and so scenic :)

  2. I love the pictures..looks so great..very healthy porridge..I often make it at your click :-)

  3. Hi Kanchan, The prridge looks very healthy, nakki karoon baghate. Nice pics of Sivhangarh ....I have seen the caves, that time also they were under renovation.
    Thanks for the award dear.

  4. Wow kanchan !!! Nachna Ragi milk is know what, in the konkan they make nachnychi ambil, which is made in summers, the reason being, ragi has cooling effect on the body, so a must in the summers !! By the way all those pictures of sinhagad, khadakwasla have refreshed my memories of Pune !!!

  5. btw..we make ambil in buttermilk..hopefully will post during summers...and thanks for passing the award to me !!! appreciate it so much !

  6. beautiful pics kanchan, nice place..and buttermilk also sounds good and must be really nice to have it chillied

  7. Pictures look fantastic.. wow.. :) And its a nice dish too.. served perfectly and awesome click too. :)

  8. beautiful clicks

    i never used raagi but this events roundup will be fun to explore raagi recipes , your recipe is simple one to start with..

  9. Nice pictures Kanchan...looks like you had a good fun dear :)

  10. lovely update kanchan..I love khadakwasala dam too.I can never forget my 2 years in pune.they were awesome. and I love ur cups/mugs.they look so traditional

  11. you re awarded me with the same award!

  12. Healthy and delicious porridge...

  13. nice pics..loved ur mugs a lot..whr did u find them dear??
    healthy porridge too

  14. Congraz kanchan, thanks a lot for passing it on to me as well...will surely update it in my next post...thanks once again

  15. Mm... Yummy porridge dear.. I used to love this one, but for some strange reason I havent had this in last few years..Now that you have reminded me, I am gonna try it soon :)
    Wow, awesome clicks dear..! Loved the Ganesha Idol... Nice to know that you had great fun!

    And oh, congrats for the award, thanks for passing it to me too! Now I will scratch my brain n post something new!

  16. New to me....sounds healthy and looks yummy....nice presentation too....Congrats on the award....caves look gr8...nice picture...

  17. This is what I drink every morning. I add some dry fruits to it. Nice clicks and it looks like you had a wonderful time sight seeing.

  18. Love the porridge and I love your mugs :P..Awesomeee clicks..I also stay in Pune, so familiar with the snaps..SO where in Konkan you had been? DO post some konkan trip snaps too.

  19. @Faiza,
    Yups.. totally healthy one !

    @Nithu Bala,
    Thanks.. guess first time here, hope to see you often around :)

    Thank dear , nakki kar and sang mala :D Looking forward for your tag, would love to know more about you.

    I totally loved the places and also clicking them. Yeah we prepare this Nachna Milk also during summer only. Looking forward for your tag, would love to know more about you.

    I think as SE mentioned the Ambil is similar to this drink which is made using buttermilk. But here I used just milk and water.

    Thank you dear, learning the presentation style slowly :)

    Yes, even I am totally looking forward for this lovely roundup.

    Yes total fun !

    Yeah the mugs are bhaubheej gift from cousin, from the time I received these I was waiting to post something with it.

    Same award but this time with a TAG, log on and start babes !


    He he , I got the mugs as a bhaubheej gift from cousin, will ask him where did he find it surely must be somewhere in Mumbai, will let you know !

    Oh you totally deserve many more awards; Looking forward for the TAG and knowing you more.

    Thanks dear.. yes that’s what I want means I love to read Tags so lets take up the same Tag and present it with difference .. wat say babes !

    @Kitchen Favours,
    Yups, caves and all other six views were awesome.

    Wow, adding dry fruits to this, never tried it but will do it next time for sure.

    I know you stay in Pune read it somewhere in you blog, where exactly do you stay?

    Konkan .. had been to Ganpatipule …. It was too beautiful I am still under the Hangover of Beaches !

  20. I have seen a similar drink at Mahanandi. this is no doubt a very healthy drink. would definitely try this.

  21. Porridge looks delicious and mouth watering. Lovely picture and wonderful presentation. All the pictures are awesome. Beautiful photography.

  22. healthy porridge and beautiful pics of pune..thanks for sharing

  23. @Sayantani,
    After you mentioned even I took a look @Mahanadis, she has added jaggery ; will try that one too sometime, this is a bit different !

    Thanks dear!

    Thank you, I guess first time here, looking forward to see you often around :)

  24. Kanchan, I couldn't take my eyes off the cute mugs. Thanks for sending this to the event.

  25. This is supposed to be cooling in summer. We would sprout the ragi at home and grind it and make this porridge. Alas, it is years since I had it. I am motivated to make it soon.

  26. yummyyy porridge and healthy too :) ur blog :) here and following u ..
    Do drop by @


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