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Sweet Corn Vegetable Soup with Bookmarked Rice

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Gossip .. I love to do ! And I know NOSEY people around ME, love it more than I do. They DARED to TALK about ME, GOSSIP about ME and worst ASK ME : “Put on weight….hmmmmm!!”

“ HOW RUDE !!! “ X(

No No No .. Me not turning to Soups and Salads cos of this ! Soups were missing on  Personal Tadka, hence got its totally deserving space here :) And with this I take a toast of dollop of butter on my soup for all the people observing my waistline !! :> IMG_2998


Sweet corn is one of the most common soup Mom prepares at home, tried to recreate the same and also sending this to Monthly Mingle: The Soup Edition (I avoided the mentioned optional eggs in my version for this entry). Following gives four servings.


IMG_2993You Need:

  • Vegetables of your choice: I used Tomato, Cauliflower, Carrot – finely chopped as usual I prefer Food processor as I love the small bits is soup – about one cup
  • Sweet Corn Cream: half a can
  • Water or Vegetable Stock: About 3 cups
  • Egg: 1 Optional
  • Ajinomoto: pinch
  • Cornstarch/ corn flour: 1-2 tsp optional
  • Salt to taste
  • Chinese Sauces: as per your taste


You Do:

  1. Mix ingredients in blue and bring to boil. IMG_2995
  2. Add Ajinomoto and salt to it. Mix cornstarch in 2 tsp of water and mix with the boiling soup.IMG_2997
  3. Mix Chinese sauces or your choices in accordance with you taste.
  4. This comples the vegan version of soup. Mom used to mix the egg (beat it vigorously) and mix at the end – This is done just couple of minutes before you turn off the flame. IMG_3000

can you see the vapors – it was thoroughly hot !!

Serve Hot. Perfect for the current cool weather. If you want you can garnish with spring onion just before serving. O:-) IMG_3001

Rice Varieties – Bookmarks :

I loved the Rohini’s version of TnT in her posts. So I thought as it is I do most of cooking with help of my dear blogger friends, even I would try to post about them on and when I try their versions.

There are few blogs you love to follow and read regularly, and hence we find lovely blogger friends there. While there are other blogs which you might not follow or read regularly but you do back on these for some important recipes. Meera’s Enjoy Indian Food is one of these blogs. It is a live cookbook, where you find all types of recipes from all over the country and these get updated nearly daily. Thank you Meera, you do inspire us a lot ! >:D<


So when SriLekha mentioned about her “EFM – Rice Varieties” , I planned to try out Meera’s couple of Rice Varieties. I tried and tasted following, please ignore my clicks as these were our weekday dinners so light as usual was not suffice:

Alambi Bhat – Mushroom Rice :

Meera’s first line of this post where she mentioned this being the vegetarian version of prawns rice – was THE REASON for me to try this out. ;)IMG_2857

Verdict: Totally agreed, All my veggie friends who have never tasted prawns rice – this is how it tastes … yummmy !!! :x

Kanda Batata Nu Bhat – Onion and Potato rice :

I had brought the typcial Aloo Dum Potatoes so thought of trying this out in this rice variety. I did not have Gujrathi garam masala, so I used Everest Biryani Masala instead. And I used ghee instead of oil and prepared it in a saucepan.IMG_2986

Verdict: One of the most simple Pulav style rice, this has turned one of the regular rice on weekday nights as the vegetables required are minimal and yet got its own taste. :)

Happy Cooking and Posting about it !!


  1. My Daughter loves soup a lot....
    Sweet corn soup looks lovely..
    will soon give a try

  2. A nice version of healthy soup than what we eat in hotels..A must try..

    You know I am vegetarian who eats egg ;),so for me the the Mushroom rice is looks so nice and tempting..

    Good way of using dum aloo potatoes than putting them to usual use..both rice dishes looks tooo tempting!!

  3. A delicious looking soup and some of the pictures are gorgeous..all are nice though :)

  4. Very nice and tempting....
    Wud love to try them...

  5. Dear Kanchan
    I appreciate your great sense of humor displayed at the begining :-).
    The soup looks great!! By the way what sauce did u use? let me try it out with : Kanchan's preferred Chinese sauce 1st , then I will try mine!!.
    The rice looks good. I make a stuffed Mushroom Rice some times, for my Vege guests, but in a different way.
    Now Let me go and have a look at Meer's book, happy cooking and have a nice week ahead

  6. Oh Gosh, these are the 2 sentences I've heard the most number of times in my life.."Put on some wight" and Oh,"You have become thinner"..:D
    The soup looks wonderful and tempting..:-)

  7. I am big Fan of Sweet corn soup. Will surely try out your version...looks very yummy.

    Rice looks absolutely delicious...send it here.

  8. Soup looks comforting and lovely color!

  9. Still confused over the heading dear!..some yummy recipe you have got here...will definitely try the soup...looks hearty :)

  10. Lovely lovely soup and rice dear......

  11. he soup looks light and healthy and oh so easy!

  12. Simple and easy recipe .Comforting soup for this season.

  13. Delicious and filling soup...looks fantastic..

  14. Thanks for the delicious soup, Kanchan. You have a lovely blog:)

  15. @Aruna,
    Sure give it a try ! Hope she loves it :)

    Thank you dear !

    Yups, quite similar to hotel soup, but those guys use loads of cornflour.
    :D hmm mushroom rice is total taste substitution of the non veg version.

    Thanks Raaji, about snaps getting loads of tips from you too :)

    Thanks dear.

    I always use the basic Chinese sauces : Vinegar + Soya and Red Chili one. I haven't tried other sauces, do give tips on those.
    Wow ! Stuffed Mushroom Rice , I dint know about it, have you posted that ? Would love to get the recipe !

    So much in common dear ! Last year I worked out and luckily lost few pounds and ever other person was saying "hmmm .. lost weight !", while now I gained my same old pounds and same ppl again commenting !!!
    What Do i do :( :D

    Thank you, do let me know if you give a try :)

    Thanku :)

    Me too veryyy confused :( thankieee :D

    Thanks a ton :)

    Thank you so much ! hope to see you often around :)

  16. Tha's a yum soup...and my vote would go to 'Kitchen Gossip!'

  17. Dear Kanchan
    I also use the basic 3 sauces. The other sauces which I used you wont be able to eat, they will have fish and all (the base sauce remains same) and may not be available in India. We only eat Indo chinese.
    If I make stuffed Mushroom. I shall post it. The Pulao is simple.
    Have a nice day

  18. i love love sweet corn soup. btw that mushroom rice looks really tasty and spicy. am bookmarking it,


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