Monday, November 30, 2009

T & T : so salad checks in with a Tadka

Tried and Tasted or Bookmarks – I love this part of cooking as I already know what to put and how much! Even I love this for blogging as I just have to click and not jot down minor details :D (FYI – Me VVVerry Lazzzy Gal)
So I always wanted to send entry to Tried and Tasted events started by Zlamushka, but couldn’t send it till now, so when Raaga mentioned about Sunshine Moms blog is the one this month I had to post about it. IMG_2966
Before I started blogging about a quarter back, there were few blogs which I used to follow religiously and one of them was Beyond Curries. Harini from Tongue Ticklers is one of the major contributors to this lovely blog. Lovely clicks, wonderful presentation and some personal background for every post, thanks Harini you really have got a superb blog and you will surely see me round often in your space.IMG_2967
It was like opening a treasure box and selecting something that interests you, there were too many to select single item, but I selected Green Gram Salad as it seemed one of the healthiest recipes I have come across and it’s from one of the most known cookbook.
Do go through this lovely post for other recipes from the book and a wonderful review.IMG_2968
About the Verdict : Lime gave the Sourness, Dates the Sweetness and Chilies the  Spiciness. Along with nutrition this salad gave all the required tastes :)
Also sending this to MLLA-17 hosted by Sra at when my soup came alive and is the brainchild of Susan of The well

Tag :D

Awesome G has tagged me for this where you have to answer in single word, I  did give a try then and had already passed on to my lovely blogger friends. So this time also I would like to pass it all of them who love tags and do take it up !

Awards <:-P

Thanks Rohini, Aruna and Babli for this lovely Appreciation Award !Appreciation Awards
Most of you must have received this award, if not do collect from here…
I would like to share this with my new blogger friends : Sara , Malar, Vrinda, Tina, Padhu, SE(Denufood) and lovely G.


  1. Thats a delicious salad dear...nice click too :)

  2. delicious salad..and congrats on your awards..and thanks for passing on the award to me, appreciate it!

  3. Delicious and yummy salad..looks awesome..

  4. Thanks for the entry, Kanchan!

  5. Nice entry for the event,looks wonderful!

  6. Healthy n inviting..! Nice try!
    And Congrats on your awards dear!

  7. Salad looks nice, and congrats on ur award, dear. Enjoy to the core, happy blogging.

  8. Salad looks delicious .Congrats on your award and thank you very much for passing on to me.

  9. and sorry I forgot to mention about the awards :) Congratulations!!

  10. @Gita,
    @Raks Kitchen,
    Thanks dear !

    Congrats to you too !

    Thanks for hosting wonderful event .

    As always .. thanks to you for awards :)

    Thank you .

    @Deepa G Joshi,
    Thank you, guess first time here, Hope to see you often !

  11. Very nutritious salad,love it:D

  12. Dear Kanchan
    I like the way you express, and always look forward to some great postings
    Have a nice weekend.
    I have posted one simple vege, vegan dish have a look and cook too.

  13. Congrats .. on ur awards... Love ur koshambir...

  14. Huh! Where is the tag in this post? Cheater!

  15. @Andhra Flavours,
    Thank you.

    Thanks for compliments !
    I had already read you post and have noted it down too :)

    I already had done the Tag earlier dear (mentioned the link), and dint want to Bore All again with my same info :P

  16. Kanchan, thanks for those lovely words of appreciation on my blog! You express well yourself too:).

    Am glad you liked this salad.Happy New Year!


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