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Atlast Mung\Moong ka Chilla – with no experiments !

Cooking Mishaps When I posted about Moong ke Pakode, it was my second attempt in preparing them to perfection. As I mentioned in this post,my first attempt was a disaster, we tried to prepare Moong ke Pakode and added whole lot of water (Thanks to The Foodie – he grinded it then). So the Pakodas were no were similar to its definition, but with no regrets, The Foodie had one more recipe to this liquidified version of Moong ke Pakode batter– it was Moong ka Chilla. So to the created liquid batter we added Besan, and tried our hands on Chilla. Both the Pakodas and Chillas were not at all upto mark!! See below what I mean. =))

IMG_2081 IMG_2086

Luckily or Unluckily this was one of my kitchen mishap which I had recorded. Sending this to Malar for her Kitchen Mishaps event ! Would love to check her roundup ;)

Moong ka chilla (Savory Mung\Moong lentil pancake) has been a long time TO DO for me. Frankly I heard this first time from The Foodie, it was one of the common brunch at his place.. Here goes our second attempt @ Moong Dal Chilla, they were simple and too healthy ! These Lentil pancakes go for MLLA-18 hosted by Srivalli, the brainchild of Susan.

You Need: IMG_3003

  • Yellow Mong Dal: 2 cups (Green Split Dal can also be mixed with this, but I wanted to prepare the plain yellow one)
  • Green Chilies: 1-2 nos
  • Red Chili powder: 1-2 tsp
  • Fennel seeds (saunf): 1-2 tbsp
  • Salt to taste
  • Oil

You DO:

  1. Mix all ingredients mentioned above except oil and Prepare the batter similar to Pakodas, without any water but this time grind it through a mixie and not food processor. IMG_3005Refer here for soaking details. 
  2. I did not use any water in the batter, but if you feel the batter is too thick then can mix couple of tbsp of water to keep the balance.IMG_3008
  3. Preparing chilla: I prepared this as I prepare Dosas : Heat the dosa tawa and spread the ladleful of dosa batter evenly to make even medium size dosa (you can get loads of videos online for making dosas).IMG_3007 Drizzle half tsp of oil around the dosa and cook on medium heat for half a minute.Flip over and cook the other side. Done !!IMG_3009

The Foodie mentioned that this was served wit h Pickle and Green chilies at his place, but I preferred it with sauce :) These go well @ Tea time too, so chilla along with Mong Dal Pakode go to to EC’s WYF: Tea Time SnackIMG_3010

Though this seems quite similar to Dosa, its texture, look and taste is quite different. As I had never seen anyone prepare this earlier, I would like to know from my Dosa Fan Friends the difference between Moong ka Chilla and Moong Dosa ??  Do let me know … :-BIMG_3011

This runs to Nupur’s Marathon as my Recipe #3. And what a co-incidence Linda had  posted her version of chillas just yesterday as one of her entry to the marathon. So this is the second chilla recipe for the marathon and do check what others posted on their Day One, the excitement continues ! ;;)

Happy Cooking and Posting !!


  1. Dear Kanchan
    The 1st two photos of pakoDa and chila look quite attractive and I am sure it was quite tasty. So it will not qualify at Malar's ( Joking )
    I do make chila often but I don't put fennel.
    Chila doesn't contain any rice flour ( but the wayside chila vendors put some atta to earn bit more money, I dont mind).
    I will also like to know , what is moong dal Dosa. One Moong dal Andhra dosa , I make is Pesarattu, learnt from our great cook friend Prasu.
    Thanks for sharing and have great week and a great New year ahead

  2. Very healthy and yummy!!yet to try this one, thanks for the recipe kanchan...

  3. Your chillas look beautiful Kanchan, I love the light golden color! Delicious :)

  4. Hi Kanchan,

    Thats so chweet of you to click those' I have tons of such collections,...thats why this Event, he he:)

    Lovely recipe, infact...complete meal:)

    Thanks for participating in Kitchen Mishaps Event, I really appreciate your entry:)

  5. Beautiful...never tried this before..Sounds healthy and great :-)

  6. Ah, kitchen mishaps ... I could write a journal on mine :D the chillas look wonderful, Kanchan!

  7. @Ushnish,
    Yes , taste wise they were pretty normal, but look and feel was missing :(
    Cool.. would drop by Prasu to take a look @ Moong Dal Dosa now :)

    Thanks dear !

    Thnku :)

    I had clicked these very long back, that time I was not even blogging, it was just to save and remember this is not the way to cook baby :D

    Do try, very healthy !

    Yeah, too many to jot down :D Thanks !

  8. Dear Kanchan
    Here is my blog reference on Pesarattu ( Mung dal dosa) from here please go to Prasu's blog for details

  9. Thanks Ushnish to apt link ! Just checked it out and got the diffrence, in Dosa batter Rice is also used while here in chilla we dint use rice !!

    Thanks to you I got the difference !

  10. Oh my my! I could possibly write a book on my kitchen mishaps :P

    i have a question. Why dont we ever get to taste ANY of this yummy stuff you make?? How about bringin some to office?? :)

  11. Wow dear...this is definitely a delicious mishap...looks healthy and tasty :) Happy New Year Dear!

  12. nice and tasty and very comforting!!

  13. @notyet100,
    Thank you !

    :D we could write a big book on OUR kitchen mishaps !
    this was breakfast, so over before work , next time sure honey :)

    yes totally healthy, happy new year to you too !


  14. Healthy ones..thanks for participating


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