Thursday, November 12, 2009

K-Cut Masala Cheese Dosa

Nooo … This Title is not inspired by any eKta Kapoor soap or Karan johar movie, it’s a street side dosa which we get here. Nothing unique about these dosas, just the presentation and the way it is served is total bombaiyya  roadside istyle.IMG_2805

What to write about the recipe which must be one of the most written around in the food blog world? So nothing new to write here just need a mention about our most regular Brunch for Meeta’s Monthly Mingle Brunch.

You Need:IMG_1978

  • Dosa Batter: qty depends on how many dosas you wanna prepare

For Masala:

  • Potatoes: 2-3 Medium sized Boiled, Peeled and Smashed
  • Onion: 1 finely sliced
  • Fenugreek Seeds: tempering
  • Chana Dal: tempering
  • Curry Leaves: 3-4 in no.
  • Mustard Seeds: tempering
  • Green chilies: 2-3 finely chopped
  • Turmeric Powder: 1 tsp
  • Coriander Leaves: for garnishing
  • Loads of Cheese
  • Loads of Butter :P
  • Salt to taste
  • Oil for tempering stuffs

You Do:

Prepare Masala:

  1. One of the most commonly made potato sabzi, hence won’t get into many details still steps follow are, put all the tempering stuffs in the oil once its heated in kadai.
  2. Follow with curry leaves and green chilies, after spluttering is completed then mix the onions, turn them pink.
  3. Then mix the smashed potatoes and cover and let it cook till done.IMG_1980
  4. Now the process is quite similar to normal dosas, heat the dosa tawa and spread the ladleful of dosa batter evenly to make even medium size dosa (you can get loads of videos online for making dosas).Drizzle half tsp of oil around the dosa and cook on medium heat for half a minute.IMG_2800
  5. Spread some potato bhaji along with 1tbsp of butter. Press everything gently till everything is lightly mashed. IMG_2803 Spread it all over the dosa. Then grate a small cube of cheese over it.IMG_2804
  6. Gently fold over and put some butter all around so that the side turns golden and crisp. Flip over and fry till the other side too turns golden and crisp. IMG_2802Cut into triangular pieces and serve hot with chutneys or ketchupIMG_2806


  1. Hi Kanchan, You were being missed :-)Masala dosa with cheese to me...looks yumm :D

  2. Nice cheese filling in dosa...looks delicious kanchan

  3. yummy yummy yummy...looks very tempting, cheese filling is new ...

  4. What a coincidence!! I just made Masala Dosa and clicked.. Your version sounds so delicious with loads of cheese!!

  5. Thats very cheesy, dear...very interesting one:)

  6. @Gulmohar,
    Thanks yaar for missing ma blog , had been very busy for last few weeks, even I was missing the blog world, now I'm back :)

    Cheese makes up for all :)

    @Kitchen Flavours,
    Thank you :)

    Sixth Sense :P

  7. What a yummy dosa Kanchan...looks so tempting dear :)

  8. I love dosa very much but never tried cheese dosa. Absolutely new recipe for me. I appreciate for your wonderful presentation with step by step mouth watering pictures.

  9. @Gita,
    Hey you are back .. nice to see you around again:)

    @kitchen queen,
    thanks !

  10. oh i do so miss a good dosa!! this looks lovely. thanks for the entry!

  11. wow! that looks yummy!
    check out the oats series round up and i welcome u to join with us in the Variety Rice series going in my blog!

  12. Great Recipe. Never thought of this before. Looks yum!

  13. @my kitchen,
    yeah kids love and elders drool ;)

    Thanks for dropping by, hope to see you often around :)

    Thanks for the info, I would love to participate for rice varieties, do fine my entry soon.

    Thank you!


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