Monday, September 21, 2009

Chikoo Choco Shake !

It was a very bad work week, too busy with projects – deliverables - assignments! So dinner wise it was worst week, five days out seven had to eat out – order – Maggi! Last week sometime, we also had our six month anniversary :P !! ( yeah me a bit cynical about these special days, as The Foodie says if asked to I can add every 365 days in my special days list :D)

But due to workloads I totally forgot about The Six Month Anniversary :( but Thanks to The Foodie there was this surprise on the bed when I returned from work. But alas, as always, I had neither gift nor time to make anything special for him.

So Me just browsed our normally overloaded but this time empty fridge. There were chocolates and fruits and some couple of days malai and cold Milk bass – So thought of making something different and ROYAL for The Foodie with these very items!

This again is something I tried impulsively – hence experimental dish! It dint take more than ten minutes.

You Need:

Chikoo – 3-4 in number – Peeled and Deseeded
Thick Cold Milk with loads of Malai
Sugar – couple of tbsp
Choclates – qty depending on you – smashed into small pieces and grated

You Do:

1.   Mix the chikoo pieces , Milk with malai and sugar – Grind it to make thick paste.

2.   Now just make layers of the paste and smashed pieces of chocolates – I made four thin layers.

(I had used the heavy nutty dark chocolate but if the chocolate is light layers can be thick and numbers of layers can be increased as to make the shake heavier)

3.   When done garnish with grated chocolate. Done ! =P~

We had it with Maggi – some ching noodles. We had single glass between both of us but it was too heavy and much thicker than any CCD – Barista Choco shakes :P

As Choclate being integral part of this Shake, me sending this to Hema for her CFK : Chocolate

Also sending this to Sireesha for her Soup 'N Juice Event.

Update ::
Sandhya has presented me with this beautiful Kreative Blogger Award, Thanks a lot Sandhya !!
As I need to pass on this to seven blogger friends, those ARE HERE !


  1. Love chikoo shake, very refreshing!:)

  2. I liked the earlier template better. :(
    Well, you can also use a dash of drinking chocolate powder in this one.
    So was the foodie pleased? *Wink*
    Did you reach your man's heart through his stomach?

  3. Chijoo shake looks so good and tasty...congrats on your awards :)

  4. This is so yummm.. I have tried it earlier with chocolate ice cream and chikku.. It blends so well. yummm :)

  5. I can truly relate with you, with work load....half of the time we end upo eating maggi.....but that was soo sweet of foodie to remember the special days and surprise you.....I can see that sweet smile on ur face when u saw those blooming flowers on ur bed after a long tiring day.....
    Chickoo Choco shake looks rich and a sweet token of love :)

  6. @Malar,
    Thanks :)

    I wanted some stretched simple template, so thought of trying this out ! and The Foodie is always pleased ;) as me already in his Heart ;) (Double *Wink* - Filmyyy)

    Yeah, else its always other way round where I remember unwanted dates and just wait for surprise :D , so me was very overly Pleased :D

  7. Hi Kanchan, I am visiting your blog the first time dear. I realise you are newly married and experimenting a lot in the kitchen. The Chikoo shake looks refreshing and can be very good for the kids.
    Drop by sometime and you might land up into a few interesting curries, which you could try for 'Foodie'.

  8. wow...lovely and so delicious!Thanks for visiting my blog!

  9. Yummy drink! great entree. First time here, you have a lovely space. Please look at mine when you have few min.

  10. Nice impromptu dessert Kanchan ! The guilt never leaves with all the other stuff that we do too naa ... :) .. The flowers look nice though !
    Thanks for dropping by...

  11. Hey thats awesome dessert I always love this combo dear..looks fantastic thats real treat for ur anniversary.... Yumm glass wish I could have a sip..

  12. @Pari,

    Thanks for dropping by and lovely comments :)

  13. Simply delectable....Wish I could ahve a sip...:)


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