Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Bombay Toast Sandwich

From the time I have started following the food blog world, I found the events and round-ups most interesting. Enthusiasm and excitement from both parties is mind blowing. So while browsing when I went through "Show Me Your Sandwich", I was pretty excited.
Mom used to prepare numerous types of sandwiches – boiled potato stuffing, cutlet stuffing, plain cheese, normal tomato-cucumber, boiled egg slices – in short whatever might taste good with bread would be qualified as sandwich. But when you are born and brought up in Mumbai you can’t miss the roadside sandwich thellas, I think the sandwich thellas is directly proportional to the number of colleges in the local.So we have about couple of sandwich walas at every other galli and each one have their own specialty. The Menu Card reads Paneer burji sandwich, kheema toast, chocolate stuffing to the recent update in Menu being Pizza Hut special sandwich.
My favorite used to be Bombay Toast - the stuffing used to vary from thella to thella but I used to love the layered and huge sandwich with cheese layers!
So I just thought of trying this sandwich with my own personal tadka. Watching the sandwich vala slice the veggie at record speed is inspirational, but I used V-slicer :P.
About the toaster I used the traditional one where in you just put the single sandwhich press in across and heat it over the flame.
The Foodie loves it and I can just eat them subah sham :D

Considering all is sliced and ready to go, preparation time took about 10 mins (including garnishing and first bite ;))

You Need:
Brown Bread slices (White bread is also accepted, just trying to be diet conscious)
Green Chutney


Potato: Boiled Peeled and thinly sliced

Tomato: Thinly sliced

Cucumber: Thinly sliced

Capsicum: Thinly sliced

Onion: Thinly sliced


Salt to taste

Cheese: Slices

               : Grated (optional - for garnishing)

Beetroot: Boiled Peeled and thinly sliced (optional)

Carrot: Grated (optional)

Sandwich Chat Masala (optional)

You Do:

  1. 1. Apply butter on one side of the bread slices, and then spread the green chutney. Consider two slices for one sandwich.
  2. 2. Put Potato slices, then tomato slices,then cucumber slices.
  3. 3. Sprinkle some salt, pepper and if you have sandwich chat masala.
  4. 4. If you have grated carrot sprinkle itacross.
  5. 5. Cut the Cheese slices into strips and cover the stuffing till now with couple of strips.(if not diet conscious then with more)
  6. 6. Layer it with capsicum, onion and beetroot slices.
  7. 7. Cover with the other bread slice.
  8. 8. Just press the slices and stuffed layers so that it easily gets in the toaster.
  9. 9. Grease the toaster with some butter and toast the sandwich till it turns light brown from both sides.
  10. 10. When done, cut the sandwich across the diagonal line. While serving garnish with grated cheese and tomato ketchup.


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