Monday, May 21, 2018


It’s been ages that I have posted here.
So much has changed, the time I used to blog – “food blog” was a new term. And today there are so many professional bloggers with awesome food snaps, beautiful posts, detailed recipes , videos of details – really I feel I was the pre- historic blogger :D
Frankly, with so much going on in my life, blogging was not in the priority, but then the old habits hobbies don’t go away so easily.
Though I have been hardly cooking nowadays, sometimes it just makes me go ahead and click a snap.
But then the snaps used to just lie around.
So I tried my hands on something called as Instagram which is like food snaps hub. There are so many foodstagrammers (is that a word ?) with million followers putting on again scrumptious snaps making you eat your mobile.
The only positive of Instagram was I did not type much, just post a click and add some hashtags – but I did miss my blog here.
So thought of posting here too- same – I have no idea how long I might post or how regular but then it’s my space so trying to be just being around.
Enough for today, and hope more comes by.

Kitchen Gossip on Instagram

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