Monday, October 14, 2013

Sweet Corn Masala Chaat - A theatrical recipe

A theatrical recipe ?IMG_0711

Because, I have had Sweet Corn Masala Chaat only at Theatres- Multiplexes. It’s been quite sometime now, that I have watched a movie in a Multiplex. So I brought the sweet corn pack especially to prepare this chaat.



Had observed the chaatvala prepare this, number of times, I just tried to recreate the same flavours. Boil or pressure cook the sweet corn till soft and tender. Mix Butter , Black pepper, Salt to taste, Chaat Masala, Red chilli powder and some Jeera powder. Add the spices in accordance with your taste and appeal. Mix thoroughly the way we do it for bhel.


If you want garnish with coriander leaves, we had it JLT.

So take a heapful of corn, lay on your sofa and start the movie. Get your theatrical experience Winking smile

Sending this to Side dish Mela.

Happy cooking and posting about it!


  1. I can happily have this great looking delicious corn masala chaat.

  2. wow i love the recipe and cant wait to try it.

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