Monday, October 07, 2013

Fried Modak | Fried Sweet dumpling

During my childhood, I recollect, I was a fan of Fried Modak as compared to Ukadiche Modak. Today the tables have turned, but Fried ones still are my favourite when I want to prepare in huge numbers.



So when I had friends dropping over the Ganpati weekend, I prepared these Fried Dumplings as a Prasad. And thanks to my Mom, the shape also came out great!

The stuffing of coconut and jaggery is same. So check out Ukadiche Modak stuffing.


For the shell, take 2C of Maida(flour), 1/4C of Rava(Semolina) , salt to taste, to this add 1/8C of hot ghee knead it till ghee mixes well. Slowly add warm milk to knead it to a tight dough. Rest it for half an hour.

Make small lemon size balls, and roll it into small puris. Stuff it with smaller size ball of the mix. Now again, close the stuffing by making pleats and gathering it to make a peak. Same as Ukadiche Modak.


Difference is, in Ukadiche Modak the shape making is quite difficult as the dough is soft and sticky, but here its shell dough is dry hence easy to make. Fry till light golden in a kadai filled with Ghee.

The measurements above make exact 11 Modak, same for Ukadiche Modak.


Fried Modak can be stored for atleast 10 days or so, if stored in an air tight container. Not more than this as the stuffing is of coconut.

Maida can be replaced by Wheat flour, but I prefer this as it makes them more crispy. Even Oil can be used instead of Ghee, but I prefer Ghee to avoid the oiliness.

Hope you enjoy, happy cooking and posting about it !


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