Monday, September 30, 2013

Cold Coffee–Beat the October Heat

One of the most asked question in pregnancy is – So what food cravings do you have? Frankly I had none. But when your doctor advises you to avoid something, you miss it. That was my case, I missed street food especially pani puri , SPDP, ragda pattice.. I also missed Chinese takeout but my daily dose of caffeine was the most missed one!


Even now, I had been avoiding coffee for the feeding factor. But now, Lil’ Foodie wakes me up atleast thrice at night and after that having a concentration at work is impossible, so to avoid drowsing off at work I have started coffee to small extend.


But the heat- the summery weather, the sweat is making my hot cup of caffeine a bit dull. So to fight it out I’ve started having something cool – Cold Coffee.


In a mixer, pour 2C of refrigerated milk, 2tsp of Coffee of your choice (I used Nescafé), 1tbsp of Choco powder and 2tbsp of Sugar. Mix it till frothy, I also added some fresh cream, just to make it richer, its optional.


Done, have it a glass, cool yourself with a sip. If in a mood, then just sprinkle some Choco powder or chocolate sauce. Even adding some Choco chips make it delicious.

Back from work, watching the sunset, in your balcony, with a cold coffee – bliss !

Happy Cooking and Posting about it !


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