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How to make Ghee at Home

I consider myself a non-homely type of girl, in a very orthodox way. I’m the one who has always gone on the other end of traditional way in life.


So I never followed any cooking traditions of preparing Atta at home or preparing homemade spices. But then somewhere down the line, I tried couple of homemade stuffs and to my amusement these were much simpler than buying the expensive counterpart from a mall.

From last year I started preparing curd at home (gist mentioned in this post) and now Ghee- Tup at home. And Seriously it is much simpler than it seems. You Need full fat milk which can give you thick Malai.


There are two ways of preparing Sajuk Tupp or Desi Ghee:

  • Mom’s Way :
  1. Start storing thick Malai in a big bowl. Refrigerate this.
  2. Mix say about 2-3 tbsp. of curd to this. Mix thoroughly.
  3. As you add Malai next day, mix with the earlier mixture. And try keeping it at room temperature for about 2-3 hours daily(minimum). (overnight would do, if you belong to colder climate)
  4. After say 7-8 days, when you have enough mix, keep this at room temperature. Then Whisk this adding very little water to make – “LONI” – which is nothing but our unsalted butter.
  5. This Loni will form a thick layer and raise above the “Taak” , which is nothing but our buttermilk.
  6. Heat this Loni in a Kadai for about 10-15 mins, till a layer of “Tupp” – butter raises above some sediments of thick curd-ly substance. (mom used to give this curd-ly substance with sugar, used to love when kid; now need to keep a check on the weight  Smile with tongue out)
  7. Filter out the Tupp and store to use daily in Dal and over chapattis.


  • MIL’s Way :
  1. Start storing thick Malai in a big bowl. Refrigerate this.
  2. Keep on adding Malai until its enough to make some ghee.
  3. Heat this stored Malai in a kadai, till a layer of ghee– butter raises above some sediments of thick curd-ly substance. Here this sediment will be on higher quantity than the earlier version, even the taste will be a bit sour.
  4. Done, filter the ghee and store to use for some sweets or daily parathas.


Two ways – same output. Second one easier, no rocket science required. But first one gives Loni and Taak as supplements. Unsalted butter can be used in cakes or as a side-dish for thalipeeth.

Happy Cooking and Posting about it.


  1. Nothing like homemade ghee... I love to eat 'berry' with sugar .. the most delicious:)

  2. And you non-homely girl forgot to mention the yummy quotient of the moor (beri) and how it can be consumed for days after the tup is prepared with just a sprinkling of sugar on top of it :) :P

    1. i was not able to recollect the name ... just called it curdly substance .. :D

  3. Pure Ghee!! I can smell the aroma :) Its worth trying and storing at home :)
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  4. Kanchan my mom used to follow the 1st procedure. What fragrance it used to give..

  5. Nothing tastes better than home made ghee. Love to drizzle that on some dal and chawal.

  6. remember those days where my mum and grandma used to do..

  7. nothing is better than homemade. nice one

  8. It feels great at such successes doesn't it? Thanks for this post. You gave me the much needed boost to try this at home :)

  9. would love to try this...yumm version
    Tasty Appetite

  10. Homemade ghee is always welcome ! Nice one.

  11. Homemade Ghee is any day better than the shop ones..

    My first time here and I love your space.. happy to follow you :)


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