Monday, June 04, 2012

Round Medu Vadas | Bonda

One Dal – Soak it – Grind it , Output Two Vadas. One for summer other for Monsoon. One for appetizer other for Breakfast. One Sweet other Savoury.


Most of you have guessed it right, The Dal is White Spilt Urad Dal. Normally this is used in Dosa and Idli batter. But it also gives us lovely vadas, in form of Medu Vada or Vadas from Dahi Vada.

Over the weekend, BIL was visiting us, I tried my hands on both of these vadas. One for breakfast and other as an apetizer –perfect for summers.


I had not prepared Medu Vadas before, so it was quite a new experience for me. And frankly I did not know how to make the shape, so instead of trying my hand I finished the batch by preparing simple vadas, which I got to know are also called Bondas. (while browsing Raks)


I just tried the Medu Vada shape only in the last batch, it was not very disappointing :D

So today we will just cover the savoury version for about 10-12 bondas.


Soak White Split Urad Dal about 1 cup, overnight or say from 4-8 hours. Next, drain out all water from the Dal and grind with 1tsp of black peppercorns, salt, green chillies and curry leaves. Do not use water, use only about 2 tbsp of water to remove the stickiness of the batter, if any.

Once the batter is done, heat enough oil for deep frying in a kadai. You can used your hands to make small balls or can do the required by desired size of spoon. And carefully drop them in hot oil, deep fry from all sides till golden. Drain extra oil over a tissue.


Done, Server hot with Coconut Chutney.

Happy Cooking and Posting about it :)


  1. Same pinch i too posted today a medhu vada recipe too but with whole urad dal.Well done Kanchan,never said no to them..

  2. my all time favorite :) Craving for some now!

    1. Thanks Raks .. infact I got to know through your blog only that the round ones are called Bonda :D


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