Monday, June 25, 2012

Pure Vegetarian Crab-like Fritters

Quiet Weird Header right ? Some history behind this..
Pune is surrounded by some wonderful monsoon destinations, one of the most famous is Sinhagad, a small fortress over one of the tall western ranges of Sahyadris. Many of us make an yearly monsoon visit to Sinhagad for some wonderful foggy experience.
If you strain your eyes.. that’s The Foodie.. lost in the clouds..
You can get some wonderful fritters called as – Khekda Bhajji – translates in English as “Crab Fritters”. But these are nothing but onion Fritters, only shaped as Crab Open-mouthed smile
Can you feel three crabs walking ??
The Black and White version goes to Usha and Susan’s BW – Weekly event.
This is not a recipe post, just an introduction to this new name, recipe will follow soon. Smile


  1. I wondered what these vegetarian crab like fritters are?? So, these ar eonion poakodas.. Nice.. Thanks for joining us in this weeks B&WW edition

  2. Very nice pictures and looks very yummy

  3. Yummy Fritters :-) wish I have this in my hand and cup of coffee and my favourite book....

  4. Thanks all for lovely comments :)

  5. perfect .. its almost going to rain here.. have to make some of these soon!

  6. They looks so much like khekdas waiting for the recipe dear.


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