Monday, June 18, 2012

Puran in food processor

I’m attending my BIL’s wedding now, Eating Sweets is the only thing that I’m doing currently. And so I thought, I’ve this Very Sweet Snaps lying in my Photo folder, why not post them now.


Puran Poli is a classic Marathi dish, which is normally prepared during holi and padwa. Puran – the sweet stuffing made of chickpea lentils, is prepared and sieved through a utensil called Puran-yantra <Googled for some images here>. I never tried my hands on Puran or Puran Poli, cos I genuinely thought that this puran-yantra was necessary.


But over the Holi, as an experiment I tried this with the help of food processor. It came out perfect with a smooth consistency.


My work friend Meenakshi consistently prepares Puran Poli every year, and bring whole lot for us too. These measurements are courtesy to her.

You Need:

  • Chana Dal: 1 cup <where 1 cup =250 mg, you can follow this for below measures> IMG_0355
  • Jaggery: ¾ cup
  • Sugar : ¼ cup
  • Elaichi : 2-3 crushed finely IMG_0360
  • Nutmeg powder : 1tsp
  • Water : 2 and 1/2 cup

You Do: 

  1. Pressure Cooker – Chana Dal and water for about ten minutes.
  2. Once cooled – Drain out all the water from it.IMG_0356
  3. Mash the dal like this:  IMG_0357
  4. Then heat a flat type of kadai, mix all the ingredients mentioned.
  5. As the jaggery and sugar starts to melt, stir it often so that it mixes quite well.
  6. Look into it that the mix does not stick. It should be thick till you can do this : IMG_0361
  7. Let me cool, then in a food processor, mix this to make a smooth dough. It should be looked into, that you do not overdo this – it should not be runny.


Done. Just Puran is also served as Prasad at many places. Serve with a hot ghee :)


  1. wow puran looks so yummy....

  2. Hi Kanchan theirs an award waiting for you. Please visit and accept it.

    1. Thanks Supriya ... will check out the award :) I'm honored :))

  3. nice way of making stuffing in food processor

  4. Thanks all for nice comments :)

  5. Nice and easy way of making puran, must try next time when I have loads of guests who want puran poli!!


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