Monday, June 11, 2012

Mangoooo Milkshake sluurrp

If Mango is  Krishna then I’m Meera :P – Not understood ;) IMG_0537

I’m an avid devotee of Mango, I heart them. And seriously I’ve no Patience to use it in any dish than just hogging on it once cut.


But then it was summer, heat, sweaty, wanted something cold to drink. And an Mango was lying in my refrigerator. I literally had to listen to my body over my heart and use the Mangoes with the Milk.IMG_0534

Took a Blender, Added Mango pieces , sugar if required. and cold milk. Just blend it and drink it.


If you still have patience then have it in a nice glass and and put some cut mango pieces along with some ice-cubes.


Slurp it, make hay when Mango is there :)

Sending this to Anu and Pari’s Only Mango event.

Only Mango

Happy Cooking and Posting about it Smile


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