Thursday, June 07, 2012

Dahi Vada Chaat | Summer Appetizer

It was my Brother’s birthday yesterday, no cake here but just his favourite vada. He is someone who can order the same thing daily, if he likes it. And seriously, till now whenever we visit any Udipi restaurant, he will order Medu Vada or if he is mood of something cooler then Dahi Vada :)

Happy B’Day Dude ! :)


The main ingredient of this dish is Curd-Dahi. So whenever you plan to prepare Dahi Vada, need to prepare Dahi one day ahead. So mix 1 tsp of thick curd with full fat milk, keep it overnight and find nice creamy thick curd the next morning. Refrigerate it until your require.


Vadas for Dahi vadas require the same process as we did in our last post of Round Medu Vadas. Its just that we do not use any spices while grinding. Hence, soak while split urad dal for around 4-8 hours, next drain the water and grind with salt and minimal water for max 2 tbsp. Deep fry this batter with small balls, when done, drain the oil in a tissue.


Now is the next part, Soak these vadas in warm water for about 20-45 seconds. Remove them, and drain out all the water. Keep it aside.


Take enough curd so that it covers each vadas, mix it with sugar and salt to taste. Add black pepper powder and finely chopped coriander leaves to this. Now beat the curd to make a smooth paste (not too watery).


Take couple of drained out vadas in each bowl, and cover with enough dahi. Sprinkle some red chilli powder with some chat masala. Also add some tamarind date chutney, if you have it.


This is a perfect summery appetizer, we have it as evening snacks when the temperature out is sky high :)


Happy cooking and posting about it :)

Sending this to Sumee’s Bon-vivant Appetizer event.



  1. Belated birthday wishes to your brother, dahi vadais are my all time favourite too.

  2. Wish your brother a belated happy birthday..
    It is just a matter of celebration..whether a cake or dahi vadas..
    Dahi vadas are irresistible..and lovely clicks too..

  3. Very yummy n delicious

    Event: Dish name starts with M

    1. First of all A belated happy birthday to your brother! The pics and recipe is awesome..

  4. delicious dear..inviting you to join in our Street Party food event in my blog

    1. Will log on to your space and check the event... i think i have loads of posts to send you..

  5. Gosh I can never get enough out of chaat recipes, tempts a lot!

  6. dahi vada looks so delicious. my fav.

  7. delicious and tempting dahi vada...happy to follow u..
    do visit my space in your free time...

    Shabbu's Tasty Kitchen

  8. Looks great. Ideal for the extremely hot summer that we are experiencing here.


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