Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mint Lemonade | Green Limbu Sarbat

“Ting-tong” Bell rings and off you run to tell your Mom – Some unexpected guests have dropped by. So what does your mom do, ask you to run to the nearest Vegetable shop and buy some lemons.

This could easily be the most common scene in most of the Indian households say 20 years back, when India was not introduced to Cola-Pepsi war. Cos then, only one cold drink ruled and that was – Limbu Sarbat or a sophisticated name could be Lemonade :)

Nowadays every pantry has n – number of aerated drinks options, but even today if you give an option to your guests most would prefer Limbu Sarbat. Getting all nostalgic I prepared a whole lot of lemonade over the weekend, which I thought would last for the whole week, but alas this Pune temperature tempted us to finish it over the weekend itself.

I added some grinded Mint Leaves to give it some minty flavour.

Procedure to prepare this is quite simple, Juice say about 2 lemons. Dissolve about 20 tbsp of sugar(mostly the formula is enough sugar to cover the lemon juice) with about 1 ½ ltrs of water. Mix about 1 cup of grinded mint leaves and salt to taste. Blend or stir to make a nice lemonade.


If you are into aerated drink, then you can make a syrup of all other ingredients except water, then add Soda to it. This is the same Fresh Lime Soda that you get in Restaurants.
Plan to save this and serve your guests or just have it after work hours to fight the summer :)
This Green Lemonade goes to following summery and Kids special events:







  1. Nothing can beat this drink in summer..

  2. you r so true, if I've been asked to choose I would def go with Limbu Sarbet, yummy.. nice pics as well..

  3. Wish to finish that super refreshing lemonade rite now..

  4. nice and refreshing..always the healthier option.nice pic.

  5. Summer Favorites! very refreshing and lovely scents!!

  6. Ohhh i'm so trusty....can u give me one glass plz:))Nice click....


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