Monday, May 21, 2012

How to make Lassi at home

Summer Is here, and it’s here to stay. So instead of cribbing oh how hard and sweaty it is, let us prepare our self to face this clammy season. With this fresh resolution, I welcomed summer by preparing whole lot of dishes just for this spell.

It all started with an ice-cream then the lemonade and now our very Indian Punjabi style – Sweet Lassi.

Lassi was one of those drinks which I never knew how easy it is to prepare @home. We used to get Aarey Milk Lassi in Mumbai, which I suppose was quite hygienic and reliable, cos we had them in numbers during summers. But here in Pune, I had to rely on the Milkman – Dudhvala bhaiyya.
But then I discussed with couple of friends about “How to prepare Lassi @ home” and it seemed very easy or for that matter.

Normally in India, most of us do prepare Curd at home, by just mixing 1tsp of curd with warm full fat milk and keeping it overnight. In the morning you find nice thick curd. Even I follow this procedure every alternate days.

To prepare a Lassi, you need to make curd in a similar manner, just with one addition, mix 3-4 tbsp of whole fat milk cream or malai with the Milk, I used ½ litre. This makes the curd very thick and creamy and a bit sour too. Next day, blend this curd, add 8-9 tbsp of sugar and salt to taste. The blended output is lovely sweet and sour Lassi.

Serve it in plain glass, chill before serving to make it more creamier. If you want sprinkle pinch of chat masala and cumin powder. I prefer it without this.

It tastes perfect, I loved the outcome and would be repeating this for the coming hot weekend too :)


  1. i too prefer my lassi sweet!....nice n refreshing.

  2. very refreshing lassi. I am thirsty let me grab the glass.

  3. Fantastic post, thanks for sharing.

  4. Yum ..all time to beat heat

  5. Wow..delicious lipsmacking & refreshing one!!

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  6. Tempting..can't do without Lassi in summers...a must have ..happy to follow ur space..

  7. Thanka all for lovely comments :)

  8. Dear Kanchan
    Thats great, with Delhi getting hotter day by is lassi time every day ! You are right, the fat in the milk makes all the differences for a good lassi.


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