Monday, March 12, 2012

Lasunichi Chutney <Garlicky Coconut Chutney>

Couple of years back, when I was totally addicted to my blog space, I used to prepare dishes explicitly for this planetary. But today, I cook and if the dish clicks to go on this space, immediately snaps are clicked and saved. Later when I get time few notes are typed which can go over this blog.


That’s the reason you are finding this post here. So when I had this huge garlic, I planned to prepare this Garlic coconut red chutney which My Mom prepares, and I adore it – especially with Methi Parathas. It wasn't much of a happening recipe but when all appreciated this humble chutney @work, I knew this should go here. So immediately snaps were clicked :)


Quite a simple recipe :

  • Take a cup full of grated coconut along with say 7 dry red chillies and around 10-12 garlic cloves.
  • Blend to make a smooth paste, add salt and sugar if required.
  • You can add Tamarind paste say 2 tbsp else mix this with ladleful of curd. Done !


Simple, tasty , addictive , garlicky smelly and red spicy. All loved it @my place, but you can minimize the garlic or red chillies if you are not a fan of it :)

I just realised that I’m just using 4 total ingredients. Hence this goes to Shobha’s Just 4 Fun event.logo1

And obviously this also fills me with those lovely memories where My Mom used to serve this with Methi Parathas, hence sending to couple of more events:

For U - Mum


Happy Cooking and Posting about it :)


  1. Spicy and flavorful chutney..

  2. this is a really nice spicy chutney!
    am following you through the drop by my space when you get the time:)

  3. If you like clicking, the you should try Pinterest.

  4. wow nice version of chutney. it looks wonderful. I am also uploading my version of garlic chutney but it is dry.

  5. this chutney looks just hot n spicy dear..colourful pics as always....loved it.....

  6. Love this garlicky chutney! Growing up it was served with simple moong dal khichdi and tomato saar.

  7. wow..awesome recipe


  8. yummmm....goes well with anything :)

  9. love this chutney. whenever I go to Rajdhani for a meal I load my plate with this. looks awesome.

  10. @HEma and @Santosh .. thanks :)

    @Simran .. so sweet of you .. yups will drop by.

    @Mini.. just going through pinterest .. still understanding what exactly we are supposed to do there.

    @Kanan.. thanks .. will take a look at your version too.

  11. @maha @aarthi.. thanks :)

    @Nupur.. yups and this reminds me I haven’t prepared saar for v long time now.

    @aruna @ Lav @Kalpana.. thank you :)

    @sayantani.. yes true, rajdhani prepares this with difference.


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